July 5, 2012

BFF's DEMOLISH The Cinnamon Challenge !!!

Two weeks ago, I posted my Cinnamon Challenge on YouTube and before hand my BFF Britany also took the challenge, recorded it and put it on FaceBook. I only shared the video on Twitter and I know there are some people who don't have a Twitter who aren't aware of our videos that were on YouTube so I decided to share it with you all on my blog. 

To catch you up on what the Cinnamon Challenge is, it is basically taking a teaspoon of pure ground cinnamon and trying to swallow it very fast. It's not so easy but it is; sound's retarded but only some people can complete the challenge and others will spit the cinnamon out before they can even reach 30 seconds of trying to swallow it. I've seen plenty of YouTubers complete and not complete the challenge; it's a harmless challenge. 

Welp, take a look at our Cinnamon Challenge videos; which one did you like the best? 

My BFF Britany's

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