July 23, 2012

Brandy Feat. Chris Brown "Put It Down" Lyrics

Ever since Brandy has released her new single "Put It Down" feat. Chris Brown for her upcoming album 2/11 now scheduled for a fall release came out, I've been jamming to it non-stop. Being a vivid big BRANDY fan, I'm so happy she is releasing more music and hitting the music industry hard. "Put It Down" is such a club party song and the way Brandy sings on the track just made me fall deep in love with it. Brandy is one of the greatest singers out here in the world and there's no one who can match her voice, she is the definition an artist. 

Anywho, I was determined to learn the whole song by the weekend was over so I decided to search online for the lyrics and clearly I came across some that were absolutely wrong smh. I then went on YouTube to see if I can find a video that would have the correct lyrics and thankfully Brandy's VEVO page had a video which complimented the song with CORRECT lyrics. The video affects went awesome with the beat and everything too. I was smiling with joy and I still am! 

How Do You Like The Song?