July 3, 2012

Can Willow Smith & Rachel Crow Make An Inspiring Change?

During Sunday's BET Awards Pre-Show, Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith's outgoing bubbly daughter, 11yr old Willow Smith (most known for making people whip their hair back and forth) brought on a new video to an inspirational song titled "I Am Me". The inspirational song focuses on the backlash the media, fans and certain blogs have made against Willow Smith's freedom from how she dresses to her creative ideas when shes on or out of the spotlight. 

The song also serves as a motivational song for those who get ridiculed for who they are. The song is a nice anthem for young children growing up in a confused place in their lives who think they have to conform with how society thinks a person should be. Check out the video below: 

Meanwhile X-Factor USA alum Rachel Crow has a message for those demented bullies out there. "Mean Girls" a song targeting young girls who have been bullied by other girls in any extremely upsetting manner and is penned to be an "inaugural single" stated by Celebuzz. Rachael Crow who just released a self-titled EP leads with "Mean Girls" as it's mainstream single. Check out the video below:

It's good to see the younger generation take a stand for causes that seem to shame the world and it's people.   Maybe their powerful vocals and words can be expressed much better having people open up their ears and take an even much greater stand. The two young artists have a big following from young female fans, so who knows maybe they can make a change in making the world a peaceful and creative environment to live comfortably in.

What Do You Think Of The Two Inspirational Message Videos?