July 31, 2012

Download - Iggy Azalea GLORY (EP)

For a while on blogs I've been seeing hype about an Australian female upcoming artist in the industry by the name of Iggy Azalea. I would come across blog posts about who she has music with along with on and off feuds with another up and coming female artist in the industry. From what I've read, Iggy Azalea is supposed to be a protege from rapper T.I. I never got to know who she was as an artist by listening to her music up until yesterday. 

Browsing through one of my favorite blogs, I came across Iggy Azalea's post where she just released an EP titled GLORY as a prelude to her upcoming studio album The New Classic. I decided to continue to read more about her post and discovered a live stream of her EP and took a listen. About 30 secs into the first song "Millionaire Misfits", I totally got excited and downloaded her EP.  

GLORY only include 6 tracks, but they are such great songs, you would think it's an album. I found out Iggy Azalea is a female emcee (rapper for those who don't know).  Iggy Azalea's sound is very different than other female rappers that I've heard; she's something I will keep my ears and eyes open for. Another dope song on the album is "Murda Bizness" which features her mentor T.I. You'll just have to listen to the mixtape yourself, when I say it's DOPE...its DOPE!!!

Check Out GLORY & Download/Stream Below: