July 11, 2012

Instagram Of The Week - kstineb

This week's Instagramer of the Week goes to my California Dreaming Doll/Friend Ms. Kristine Boyd; Instagram name is kstineb. I met Kristine off a popular webcam site (well it was bomb) and ever since that day we have became such close in contact distant sistahs! Kristine's care free lovely spirit just makes you want to have her life; and to add she is drop dead gorgeous! 

I love Kristine's Instagram photos because she really makes you sit and think not to take life for granted, cherish every moment and make it your own. Cali girls are the best to follow on Instagram in my opinion only because they take pictures in such beautiful scenery. So why not follow one more person on your Instagram this week and make that person my big sis/doll Kristine Boyd!!! Guys don't be a creep either she's ALREADY TAKEN!