July 10, 2012

Issa Rae's Webisode: Awkward Black Girl (Season 1)

Here's one of my newest favorite YouTube shows and it goes by the name of The Mis-Adventures Of Awkward Black Girl & Friends created by Issa Rae. I came across the show from a popular urban culture blog site that I visit daily and become obsessed with Issa Rae and her creation of ABG (Awkward Black Girl). 

ABG is a scripted YouTube web series based on main character J played by Issa Rae, as she takes us along with her weird and most awkward moments through life even inviting us into her job and introducing us to some of friends who are just as awkward as herself; we even get a glimpse of interracial dating. Issa Rae created the show last year January 2011 and flash forwarding till now the show is in it's second season; being picked up by Grammy award winning recording artist/producer Pharrell's I Am Other YouTube channel. ABG's first episode in season one brought in over 1 million views it's first week of airing. 

I didn't think I would actually become addicted to the show, but soon after I watched the first episode I was so intrigued my finger couldn't press the PAUSE button. There are currently 13 episodes in the first season with one episode up for season 2; episode 2 will be available for viewing later this month. Of course, I will keep you updated on the episodes. Issa Rae and her creative team who can also be seen as actors on ABG have been getting a lot of publicity by appearing on daytime talk shows, an article in ESSENCE Magazine, notable blog sites and even caught the attention of entertainment news outlets followed by much more. 

If you aren't familiar with ABG then I will catch you up on the 13 episodes right here for you! I'll even sneak in season 2's first episode. After you have watched season 1, I recommend you watch the hour long interview between Google/YouTube representatives, Issa Rae and two other ABG co-stars. VERY EXCITING SHOW THAT I LOVE DEARLY!!! I CAN RELATE IN SO MANY WAYS!!!  

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