July 3, 2012

Ladies, Do You Give Out Foot Massages?

Last nights episode of Love and Hip-Hop:Atlanta got steamy when cast member Erica Dixon decided to set a candle lit scene for her baby father, rapper Lil' Scrappy. When Lil' Scrappy came into the living room greeted by candles and rose petals, he was in complete relaxation mode. Erica then decided to give Scrappy a warm oiled foot massage. Surprisingly Lil' Scrappy being such a hardcore rapper had pretty feet. 

Now to my knowledge it's rare that some guys carry pretty feet or even take care of their feet by getting pedicures. It was a first when I saw Erica give a Scrappy a foot massage; I was expecting her to rub his back but hmm I guess she really wants him to stay home with her. I mean Scrappy's feet were pretty, but i'm very picky when it comes to me touching someones feet, they have to be pedicured to the T!  I want my guys toenails to look healthy as well as clean. 

I want to know ladies, how often would do you give out feet massages to your man? Or have you ever offered to give out a foot massage and it wasn't how you expected it to be?