July 9, 2012

My Prayers & Condolences To Tameka Raymond & Family

My prayers and condolences goes out to Tameka Foster-Raymond and family for their sadly time of need. Over the weekend, Tameka's eldest son Kyle (pictured above) was severely injured due to a jet ski accident hitting his head knocking him unconscious. When brought out of the water and taken into ER, doctors announced he was in critical condition, in the early afternoon of Sunday it was announced Kyle was brain dead. 

Despite the messy divorce court battle Tameka and recording superstar Usher Raymond are going through, it was Usher who charted an immediate flight for Tameka (who was out of town when she received the painful news) to be by her sons side. 

This is an incident in which I wouldn't wish upon anyone, my heart grieves for Tameka and her loved ones. I can't imagine what I would do if my child or sibling was in the state Kyle is in. No parent should have to go through what Tameka is going through right now. I ask as you pray with me, her son Kyle will recover greatly and speedy.