July 9, 2012

Nel Biggs: Respect My Mic

I'm just getting up on Southside Queens rapper Nel Biggs, a friend of mine(@itzCourtLamar) sent out a FaceBook Event a week ago, on the release of his brother Nel Biggs latest mixtape Respect My Mic which was released yesterday afternoon. This is my first time actually hearing some of Nel Biggs music and I am pretty impressed. If you're not familiar with Nel Biggs like I was, I did my research and found this little bio on his website: 
"Genuine Loyalty Over Everything !
Coming out of Southside Queens, Artist " Nelbiggs " has a style that can further progress the hip-hop culture, with influences such as Jay-Z, 50cent and a host of other M.C.’s he vows to follow in their footsteps and make a name for himself in hip hop, with a unique style of his own Nelbiggs brings good music, dope lyrics, style to the music world. This confident yet very humble mc plans on being around for a very long time and repping the hip hop culture in a great way."
Being a New York born native I grew up listening to raw street rap and I always loved the passion every rapper had. Some of our greatest rappers were breed in New York like my favorite rapper Jay-Z, so that means something  right? Nel Biggs is one to really look out for! Listening to his mixtape you can hear the dedication and drive he has for his music. New York rappers have this sound that no one can compare too, it's a certain flavor that grabs you into wanting more; and this is something I feel when I heard the mixtape. Respect My Mic gets major respect and points from me and I'm not even a hardcore rap fanatic. You should take time out and download Nel Biggs Respect My Mic

Download Respect My Mic [Click Here]
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Twitter: @Nelbiggs
FaceBook: NelbiggsMusic
Website: Nel Biggs