July 23, 2012

New Music: Ameriie "Every Time"

So I'm months late about one of my favorite RnB singers out in the game now who is the incredible Ameriie. This past March (during my blog break), Ameriie released a new single entitled "Every Time" that will appear on her upcoming LP titled The Prelude. It's been a while since we've seen Ameriie on the music scene a lot has changed in her life such as changing her name from Amerie to Ameriie, getting married, changing her hair color to blonde, then to chopping it all off and now being an independent artist. There's so much I want to know with what's been up in Ameriie's life. The last we heard about her was on her latest album Love & War back in late 2009 early 2010. 

"Every Time" the new single has a soft RnB/HipHop feel to it, like her earlier work on her first album All I Have; which bloomed her career with hits such as "Why Don't We Fall In Love" and "Talkin' To Me". If you ask me "Every Time" could be the love child of the two All I Have hits. As I stated the song buzzed in March and it's now July entering August, Ameriie I hope we're getting to see a video for the nice summer song or a follow up single. I hope Ameriie pulls forth with this new LP, I just wanted to share with you the new song if you haven't heard.

Listen Below & Vote!    

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