July 18, 2012

OH NO SHE DIDN'T! Beyonce Rocks Blonde Box Braids

In accompany of her husband Jay-Z, Beyonce attended rapper NAS "Life Is Good" dinner showing up as the flashback 1999 Destiny's Child braid hairstyle; only actually Beyonce was giving us long blonde box braids. Beyonce at the dinner kindly didn't want to be the center of attention (which was hard to tell) and opted not to have any photos taken of her or with anyone; that it was NAS's celebration and night (THIS IS WHY WE LOVE BEYONCE; SO HUMBLE!!!) Clearly, a party goer couldn't help but continue to be all on Bey's shhhmeat when they snapped some photos and it hit the next yesterday. 

Check out another shot of the blonde box braided diva below:

Looks like Beyonce has been hanging around her eclectic style and natural hair genius sister Solange Knowles for much too long. As a BEYHIVE fan of Beyonce, this hairstyle is a NUH UH...GURRRRRLLLLL moment for me. The only time I like with braids is when she had loosed curly micro braids when she filmed the MTV Carmen A Hip Hopera
Aside from the braided hairstyle chat, I LOVE Beyonce when she wears her her out and curly; like she has been doing it for some years now, but I call it the 4DO'. Beyonce is very laid back and pretty when she has her wild flowing golden/blonde locks that gives volume whenever she's out in public or on the stage. This past 4th of July, Beyonce, her other Tina, sister Solange, cousin Angie Beyince and friends all took a trip down to Houston, Texas where they celebrated. 

The hairstyle Beyonce had down in Texas...I ABSOLUTELY LOVE!!!! That's the Beyonce I want to see, but Beyonce is going to do her and I can accept that. The KING BEY is trying out different looks and that's what makes her human. Other than that, I don't like these braids BEY...tsk tsk tsk!!! 

Check Out The Photos Below: