July 24, 2012

Sparkle (2012)

The 1976 musical SPARKLE remake is set to hit theaters this August; this is to be Jordin Sparks first feature role and LEGEND Whitney Houston's last acting debut. Many people get the movie mixed up with DREAMGIRLS but clearly both movies have two extremely different plots. 

SPARKLE is a story about three sisters living in the rough neighborhood of Harlem, New York in search for a better life they come together as a singing group which takes a twist of its own; relationships and egos become involved leading to drug and physical abuse. SPARKLE is a movie one has to watch in their lifetime before laying eyes on any musical movie. I can't wait till the movie hits theaters, the casting director couldn't have found any better actors as the cast who are in this movie. I'm so excited; I grew up watching the movie over and over. 

Take a look at the trailer below: 

To Honor The Great And Legendary Whitney Houston, The Cast Decided To Release The Music Video For The  Movie's Leading Single "Celebrate" Sung In Duet By Jordin Sparks And Whitney Houston To Celebrate The Life And Legacy Of One Of  The Biggest Entertainers Of All Time.
The Music Video Is A Tear Jerker, Whitney Houston Will Forever Be Missed; "Nothing But Love" - Whitney Houston!
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