September 19, 2012

Does Julia Roberts Ever Age?

It seems as though Golden Globe and Academy Award winning actress Julia Roberts never ages. I was browsing through YouTube when I came across an old 1989 Late Night with Dave interview of a young Julia Roberts at the age of 22 years old.

At that time Julia Roberts stopped by the show to promote the movie she co-starred in titled Steel Magnolias. Just looking back to her then and then looking at her now, she still has the same complete look. Her smile is the same, hair is the same and those bold daring eyes are still captivating; might I also add she's still keeping her body nice and right. 

 I don't know what Julia Roberts is doing to stay young looking but I give her great recognition for being in the entertainment industry for over a decade and still looking great as if she first got on the scene in 1986 in her first ever big screen film Satisfaction

What's Your Favorite Julia Roberts Movie?