September 19, 2012

Shop Kardashian Khaos Online + SPECIAL TRAILER

The hit tourist attraction store when in Las Vegas, Kardashian Khaos which features items, cosmetics, totes, fragrances, apparel and other all things Kardashian is now available online. Kardashian Khaos which has been open for about a year now but only located in the Las Vegas area has now opened their arms for people world wide. 

After browsing through the online store, I have to say the prices aren't that bad for the items they're selling. There's a lot of great souvenir items you can purchase one being my favorite the Kardashian Dolls Face Fan and the Image Mug. Everything is under $100 bucks so you can get enough stuff that'll make you a Krazy Kardashian fanatic. 

The only thing expensive on the site store is the "EXCLUSIVE" makeup case sisters Kourtney, Kim and Khloe all own and has been seen on the show a couple of times costing you an arm and a leg for $500. Personally, I feel like you can make the case yourself or buy it cheap at your nearest Walmart or Target

Other than that, the store is pretty nice and if you'd like I'll accept some gifts from you brought from Kardashian Khaos. I'll tell you one thing, those sisters sure know how to brand themselves. When you get a chance make sure to check out the store.

Visit The Store Via Clicking The Link Below: