September 20, 2012

Throwback Thursday - The Simple Life: "Sanasaa, Sanasaa"

If there's one duo that get's me and my bff cracking up, you can probably guess it would be Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. The two for five seasons participated in a reality show titled The Simple Life, where the wealthy rich girls who partied every night were taken out of their element when they were forced to work regular working jobs for money and survive without their parent's luxury living, credit cards or cell phones. 

In season 3 of The Simple Life:Interns, Paris and Nicole continuously brought the humor to ever job or person they came across. In one of the episodes, Paris and Nicole traveled to their living destinations for their jobs by a Greyhound Charter Bus and to keep entertained on the long bus ride the girls came up with a silly song entitled "Sanasaa, Sanasaa". The girls joked about the their group name Billy and Silly that sometimes included a Milly. The obnoxious song raised eyebrows on peoples faces having to think "ARE THEY FUCKING SERIOUS?!

My best friend Britany and I laugh every time at the scene merely because it is something we would do when we're out in public or just make complete fools of ourselves. We don't do it to get attention either, when you see or hear us acting a fool chances are we're being very serious. We often think about what if it was us who were cast in The Simple Life and how crazy it would be. 

I chose "Sanasaa, Sanasaa" as today's Throwback Thursday just for something different and this song will always be a hit in my mind. If you haven't seen an episode of The Simple Life or watched a season, i suggest you go out to your nearest Best Buy, F.Y.E or Target and pick up the season dvd's they are worth buying!!!