October 22, 2012

Are You A Lyric Or Beat Listener?

When it comes to music...put it straight forward we all love it. We have our favorite artists, genre, albums and songs. But, did you ever think about what gravitates you to liking a certain song? Could it be the beat or is it the lyrics? 

I remember having a conversation with my BFF about why do we fall in love with music so much. My BFF assumed I'm someone who looks for a good beat in a song and it's my favorite and while she listens to the lyrics of a song and that's when she decides whether or not she'll jam out to it or not. 

However, she was right about me to a certain extent. I do love music, but if the beat isn't what I feel I can sit and feel vibes from, then I'm not listening. I'm usually looking for a song that challenges me to sing it as well as high notes in a song. Most of the time I'm looking for mid-tempo songs. 

My BFF actually listens to the lyrics of song in which she can either relate to what an artist is singing about or she feels the song has a powerful message which is enjoyable to sing. My BFF is actually a pretty hard person to please when it comes to music; not only does she think outside the box but she analyzes it completely to the beat of a song; mind you she has no producing skills whatsoever; but I always value her opinions and views. 

It's okay to be either a beat lover or simply a person obsessed with lyrics. That's what makes us unique individuals who start to have an eclectic music library. I would like to know especially now-a-days since the music industry is failing so badly; how do you know when you'll love a song; is it the beat or the lyrics?! 

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Are You A Lyric Or Beat Listener?

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