October 11, 2012

Food Heaven !!!

Yesterday, I experienced food like i've never experienced before! I ate twice out of the day so don't think I'm am obsessive emotional eater; I had lunch and dinner. My meals weren't homemade though. My tastebuds enjoyed the likes of two restaurants; GoodBurger and Famous Daves
My friend Mario and I after our 11am class decided to run and get lunch before our next class. We didn't know what we wanted nor wanted to walk long blocks in NYC. About a block down from where we attend school, we came across GoodBurger located on Broadway and 8th ave. I was shocked when I saw the name GOOD BURGER it reminded me of the 90s Nickolodeon movie actually, but inside the restaurant is totally different. Anyway, I tried a bacon cheeseburger with onions and side order of fries. Must I admit their food is STUDPENDOUSLY DELICIOUS!!!! 

Back To JERSEY, about 8pm I got a text from my mother stating we would go out to eat for my step-dad's birthday. I thought we were going to Red Lobster but we actually stopped at one of the greatest barbecue restaurants on the planet, Famous Daves. Usually, I'd get a burger but yesterday I opted out for some chicken tenders and potato wedges. The best part of this restaurant not only is the food excellent, but their different barbecue sauces are so damn good!!! I'm in love with the spicy but not to spicy kind; it's called Devils Spit

Have Any Of You Been To Either Of These Great Restaurants?