October 15, 2012

Has The Word BRAVE Been Taken Way Out Of Character?

If you haven't already heard, African-American/Mexican actress Stacey Dash (most notable for her role in the fashion 90s movie "Clueless") came out last week stating she was now endorsing Senator Mitt Romeny in the 2012 presidency campaign election. This major news caused an uproar in the African-American and minority communities.

Stacey Dash received negative backlash through her Twitter page (@REALStaceyDash), blog sites and wherever citizens who felt the need to comment on Dash's decision. On October 10th, Stacey Dash sat wit Piers Morgan to discuss the harmful tweets and social media threats she's received since her coming out of supporting Senator Mitt Romney and his campaign. Stacey Dash simply states "We're All Entitled To Our  Opinions" in hopes to backup her decision. Dash is 100% Right and those who gave her one hell of a backlash were WRONG!

During the interview, Piers Morgan asks Stacey Dash, if either Senator Romney has reached out to her after she made her statement and Dash basically resonded saying "No she hasn't heard from Romney, but Vice President in running Paul Ryan had reached out and said it was a BRAVE thing she has chosen to do". Hmm...BRAVE. Take a look at a short 3 minute excerpt  below:

BRAVE...I don't have an issue with Stacey Dash supporting whomever she wants in the presidential election; I'm all for everyone having their own views and opinion and voting for whomever they want to vote for. My issue is the word used by Paul Ryan describing Stacey Dash as BRAVE. Stacey Dash in the interview states American Citizens are given the right in the Constitution to vote for whatever party they chose to side with; since when did voting become such a BRAVE act?!

I feel like Paul Romney made his statement calling Stacey Dash BRAVE only because he felt sorry that the most backlash she was receiving was from the African-American communities and it was his way of trying to make her feel better. Paul Ryan clearly choked on words and bit more than he could bite off with this statement he allegedly said to Dash. But why BRAVE though?

There is nothing BRAVE about stepping out and saying who you're voting for. I feel Dash and Ryan took the word BRAVE to a whole other level. What about the soldiers who risk their lives to protect us over in Iraq; aren't they the BRAVE ones? So why is Ryan putting Dash in that same category as BRAVE? There's nothing BRAVE about a given right decision on voting. That's like someone who doesn't drink alcohol going to a winery with friends and ordering a water instead; is the non-alcoholoic BRAVE for not getting an alcoholic drink around a bunch of people who tend to take a sip of wine here and there?

I Respect Stacey Dash's Decision But BRAVE Just Wasn't Meant To Be Used For Her Case!

How Do You Feel?