October 24, 2012

Instagram of the Week: @ProperlyLaced

This weeks Instagram of the Week goes to one of my male best friends, De'Mar(@ProperlyLaced). I thought i'd give him a shout out because he's one of the realest people you'll come across on any social networking site. He never fronts on his photos, he's a big sneaker head so he usually just takes pics of sneakers and things of that nature as well as some photos of him having the time of his life (this boy does PARTY)! You'd have a nice follower if you follow De'Mar on Instagram, especially you LADIES!!! 

Today is also his Birthday, so I'd like to wish De'Mar a H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y, May God Bless You With Many More, And Be Careful With Those Nestea Shots!!! Oh, my friend want's to sing Happy Birthday to You!