October 11, 2012

Kim Kardashian's Facial Transformation?

I recently came across StyleBlazer's blog post about Kim Kardashian's facial transformation over the years she's been in the limelight. StyleBlazer post Kim Kardashian's family has never opted out in speaking publicly about their under the knife procedures which include breast augmentation and facelifts. 

To be precise from what I know watching the Kardashian's hit reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians the only three family members who admitted to going under the knife was Kourtney Kardashian (breast augmentation), Kris Jenner (breast augmentation & facelift) and Bruce Jenner (facelift). On one season of the show Kim Kardashian tried her luck of plastic surgery when she tried Botox. If you watched the episode you would see Kim didn't like the pain she endured that the medicine in the needle gave her an allergic reaction. Kim stated prior to the Botox procedure she had not gotten anything on her body enhanced. 

In regards to the StyleBlazer post of Kim's recent facial transformation, I would have to agree Kim's face has changed from when she stepped into the spotlight in 2003 up until now, 2012. Do I think it's due to the cause of going under the knife? No. The only enhancement I feel has changed Kim's look over the years is by using MAKEUP. In Hollywood, makeup works wonders on the face and body. In the picture above, clearly in my point of view Kim Kardashian still looks the same, the bone structure looks the same as well as the nose area everyone's been gossiping about. 

Kim even addresses when her makeup artists beats her face, they use a special technique called contouring. Contouring is using certain makeup products to give a part of the face an enhanced looked. The nose and lip crease on her face looks the same too me; the only thing I can say is Kim had lost some weight and during some events she uses an excessive amount of makeup. Hair plays a big part too! As I learned from my best friend, certain hairstyles can shape a person's face. 

Off the cameras I don't know what Kim Kardashian does in her spare time, but from what I see on the show I can conclude Kim's facial appearance has enhanced based on the following: losing weight and contouring. Not everyone in Hollywood goes under the knife people. I'm not a makeup guru, but I sure can tell Kim has some A-List makeup magicians. However, I do prefer the old Kim Kardashian rather than the newly enhanced Kim

What Are Your Thoughts? 

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