October 22, 2012

New Album: Brandy "Two Eleven"

Last week Brandy's sixth LP Two Eleven dropped all over the world and this album decides whether Brandy is relevant in the game or not. It's been 4 years since we last heard a Brandy LP and with Two Eleven, Brandy created a new sound and totally had control of this album. 

I was skeptical about buying this album Two Eleven, due to the last albums she had weren't topping the charts and old Brandy fans weren't receptive of the material. To tell the truth, there hadn't been a bomb album from Brandy since Full Moon which was her third album released back in 2002. 

After great reviews on Twitter and two chopping smash singles "Put It Down Feat. Chris Brown" and "Wildest Dreams" I decided to take to iTunes and purchase the album myself. As always I buy the deluxe, after sitting through the album the first time, I really wasn't feeling it. I thought to myself, okay maybe If I listen to it a few times when I'm not so busy i'll grow to love it and that's what exactly happened!

Two Eleven, is very different from previous Brandy records, she gets more raw and personal on this LP than her previous LP's. Though we may not hear 90s Brandy again, fans can expect winning ballads with her soft raspy voice. What makes the album even better is by the past heavy promotion Brandy has been doing to support the album as well as killer performances on 106 & Park, The Wendy Williams Show and even concert events around the country. 

If you haven't picked up Two Eleven, I recommend you do! I will be doing a video review of Two Eleven soon; so stay tuned!