October 22, 2012

New Jersey Nightlife: Stelton Lanes

So for those who don't know, I'm a Jersey Boy! Along with living in New Jersey, some who live oustide of the state, may assume New Jersey is just a boring suburban residential environment where you'd get lost in a second if you chose to run to the store. For those who think that, you're def WRONG!!!

New Jersey has its share of a fun nightlife; well I can only speak for the teens and college students. Every week there could be more two to three parties thrown by party promoters, clubs or lounges. Though Jersey is a BIG STATE, you'd have to narrow it down to what nightlife is the funnest. Well, if you can only narrow it down to the urban areas; which are now taking over the real suburban areas of New Jersey

Urban New Jersey differs from Jersey Shore Partygoers!!!

The best nightlife parties are thrown by HSLX & GURU (a party promoting duo team who is respected EVERYWHERE). Whether it's a HSLX (Hood Star Luxury) party or GURU, everyone knows they're bound to have a good time. Reason being, they bring in the biggest crowds, book the hottest DJs, over capacitate their venues and even bring in big celebrity big names to stop by. 

One of the popular Jersey nightlife parties to attend is Stelton Lanes. Stelton Lanes is a bowling alley by day, dance battle royal party by night. You can catch any and everybody lined up at Stelton Lanes on a Friday night just to enjoy good music, friends and get a couple of numbers or two, four, hell maybe eight! Stelton Lanes is located in Piscataway, New Jersey and if you end up going you will find outrageous fashions, captivating guys, females whom you'll be playing EYE-SEX with for a minute, new Jersey dance routines and much more. 

If you don't believe me take a look:

Though it's been a while since I've been out on the scene, but sometimes I do think about attending the parties just to get a good laugh in or to see what everyone's listening to nowadays. I will make my return soon, though I need to live my 20s up like it's my last before my career takes control of me...YOLO!

If interested about attending one of HSLX & GURU events; you can personally Tweet Tajh (HSLX) and Carver (GURU) for upcoming events @:
Tajh (@ItsMrHoodstar)
Carver (@CarverGuru)

For Pictures Continue After The Jump (pictures courtesy of RunNJ.TV)