October 22, 2012

The Houstons 'On Our Own' Reality Show & Episode 1

Though in just a few short months, it will be the one year anniversary of legendary entertainer Whitney Houston's death. For now, it hasn't been a year yet and the Houston's (Bobbi Kristina, Gary, Pat, Rayah, Cissy) and Bobbi Kristina's God-Brother/Fiancé Nick Gordon have all teamed up with LifeTime to create a reality show based upon the after life of their beloved Whitney's death. 

I'm shocked the reality show was even taken place, due to the Houston's being so vividly private about their lives. I would have thought the Houston family would want to at least live their first year griefs behind closed doors. However, the reality show revolves around Bobbi Kristina and her coping of her mom's death from what we see in the super trailer. Like any other reality show there of course is mild drama, based on Bobbi Kris and her relationship with God-Brother/Fiancé Nick Gordon and her decision to break into the entertainment industry. 

Take A Look Here:

Will You Be Watching? I Know I Can't Wait To See What The Family's Been Up To, Especially Reports On Bobbi Kristina Inheriting Her Mother's Million Fortune! 

'The Houstons On Our Own'
Wednesday, October 24th at 9pm!

Watch Episode 1 By Clicking Here