October 15, 2012

The [Not So] Girly Girl...Tomboys are GIRLS Too!

My BFF Britany's Blog!
Hey my fellow followers reading this right now! I have a blog I would like for you all to check out. My BFF Britany has decided to create a blog for those girls who are Tomboys but want to start dipping and dabbing into the Girly Girl World; hence her blog name The [Not So] Girly Girl

Britany throughout our high school years has always been a jeans, t-shirt and retro Jordan kind of girl with either a cute ponytail or bun when she's not lazy. Britany also participated in cheerleading but she refused to dress girly girl; except in the cute uniforms; other than that she refused to dress the part. 

As Britany realized in her undergrad years, being a cheerleader in college meant having to play the part. Britany gave in and decided to experiment in makeup (lip stick, eye shadowmascara and the other cool works). Britany grew slowly to love the effects of being a girly girl

Now at the young womanly age of 23, Britany was focused this past summer on trying different makeup products, haircare and even changing her wardrobe. The drastic change I saw Britany perform was maintaining her nails and feet every week. Britany is really serious about becoming a girly girl

Enough blabber about how awesome my BFF is! In Britany's blog she will guide girls who were just like her in the tomboy phase in recommending fantastic makeup products, different hairstyles and even most importantly skin care

Doesn't matter if you're a female or male; you can learn a little  or a lot of what Britany has to offer on her blog posts; which she updates daily. I'd like you all to check it out and tell her what you think or how much so you can relate to her. 

Check Out Britany's The [Not So] Girly Girl Blog: 

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