January 27, 2012

Hey Everyone!

Hey Everyone! I know I've been leaving you all high and dry. I'm telling you i'm the laziest person EVER! I get so many great ideas in my head to blog about, but the next day I get too tired to even open up my laptop and write! I have the Blogger app on my phone and iTouch, but I wish it was a lot SIMPLER than how its used on the mobile apps. I want to thank those who continue to leave comments and view my blog. I'll be back next week with all new posts and I might start doing some pop culture stuff *goodie goodie* 

But this weekend, I'll be away from Blogger as the hours countdown until my Birthday this coming Sunday!!! Horrrrraaaayyyy for me! I'll be turning 23 years YOUNG. This weekend i'll be doing a lot hanging with family and even joint sharing my b'day with my bff!!! I will let you know how I celebrated come Monday. Until then everyone have a safe and fun weekend. As for gifts, I'd like specialty gift cards from Forever 21

January 16, 2012

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day

The bravest Civil Rights leader ever, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I thank this African-American man for all that he has done to make the world equal. His never ending desire to stop segregation in the south, phenomenal speeches, positive work in his community, loving family family, beautiful soul and March on Washington, Dr. King sacrificed it all for me and billions of others to become equal in a world that was once full of hate and disgrace. 

Happy 33rd Birthday Aaliyah!

Happy Birthday Aaliyah Dana Haughton! Gone But Never Forgotten; You Are Truly One In A Million. Thank You For Your Beautiful Spirit And Music. We Love And Miss You. 

January 10, 2012

Tasty Tuesday: Easy, Impressive Frittata

I don't know what this is above seen in the picture, but it looks like a different kind of Omelet. Well it isn't though you guys, it's actually a healthy breakfast dish made by once Real Housewife of New York and Bravo's very  own Bethenny Frankel. This breakfast dish which she calls Easy, Impressive Frittata is a morning starter. If you ask me, it looks like macaroni and cheese  baked in a circle pan. Whatever, don't mind me, it looks good this actually has less ingredients. You'll love it though, here's today's Tasty Tuesday 'Easy, Impressive Frittata' by Bethenny Frankel. Bon' Appetite'!

Is Being A Solo Artist Right For Every Person In A Music Group?

I was thinking most of the music groups in the entertainment industry sometimes breakup or disband because members want to go solo. Then it came to my mind asking myself is it possible a member of a group can go solo? There are a lot of music group acts that I actually loved as a group, but when they disbanded it was like uhm....did they have to go solo? The only groups I know that successfully had members go solo and I approved of was Destiny's Child and N'Sync (naming acts that I grew up with). 

Other than that, I feel like if you're in a group it's for a special reason. You and those other people's voice blend together so well to create one sound. Wouldn't you think that one sound is equal to a solo career? I'm not saying every music group shouldn't have members that embark on a solo career. I would like to see our music groups stay as music groups for about four albums or more. 

What Do You Think? 

The Skorpion Show: Beyonce & Jay-Z Welcomes Blue, Brandy & Rihanna Talk, Mob Wives & ATL Housewives

Here's the latest episode of The Skorpion Show. This video was filmed 1/9/2012 which was last night. This video has all your favorite topics that you guys chose for Kevin and Makael to discuss. The title says it all, I don't have to tell you all :-). Enjoy, Subscribe, Thumbs Up, Like, Comment and Share this video. Have a heavy laugh! 

January 9, 2012

New Music: Jay-Z Feat. Blue Ivy Carter "Glory"

Proud New Father Jay-Z Tells His Story Of How His Precious Daughter Blue Ivy Carter Got Here. Listen To His New Track "Glory" Also Featuring Beyonce And Jay-Z's New Bundle Of Joy Blue Ivy Carter.

Congrats Jay & Bey <3! 
We Love You Baby Blue <3!!!

Congrats To Beyonce & Jay-Z; Welcome To The World Blue Ivy Carter!

Congrats to music couple Beyonce & Jay-Z on their first new bundle of joy by the name of Blue Ivy Carter,  who was born Saturday night January 7, 2012. The couple will be outstandingly great parents and baby Blue will be the most beautiful Hip-Hop and RnB princess in the world. I wish them a blessed life, love and happiness until the end of time. I love this new family!!! I'm happy for you Bey!!! Baby Blue Ivy Carter .... HOLLA <>! 

January 29th: Birthday Gifts

My Birthday is coming up January 29th and I haven't stated the gifts I want. Along with that delicious chocolate bucket seen above in the picture; well if only it was just filled with M&M's. Well here are my gifts that I really want on my Birthday. Check them out after the jump.

Relationships: Kissing On The First Date


January 6, 2012

Throwback Friday - B2K "Why I Love You"

Remember when B2K took over the music world? Well, one of my favorite songs from the group is their slow ballad "Why I Love You". I remember all the young girls would go crazy over B2K and shockingly they attracted older women too. I'm kind of mad they disbanded, but at least they left us with great dance tracks and soothing slow ballads. 

Omarion, J Boog, Lil' Fizz and Raz B formed the group B2K (Boys Of The Millennium) and there will never be an amazing RnB group just like them. I'm leaving you with today's Throwback Friday which is one of my favorite songs from B2K which is "Why I Love You". Enjoy and Have A Blessed, Fun And Safe Weekend! 

DJ SHY: We Run Rock Vol. 1

You might as well just call it a RunDJ release week, because DJ Shy has just created a mix of rock songs onto his latest We Run Rock Vol. 1 mixtape which is available for download on SoundCloud. It's nice to know a DJ is eclectic in all genre's of music. This is the reason why DJ Shy is one of my top favorite DJs, he gives a little bit of everything for everybody. Check out the new rock mix and be sure to download it. 

January 5, 2012

Nature At It's Best [Videos]

Here is part two of my Nature At It's Best blog post. This post features video footage I took of our trail and the unusual and scary things we came in contact with. I'm looking forward to going on this trail again, maybe with more friends though. 

Nature At It's Best

Yesterday my friend Britnie and myself decided to go for a nice walk in Kenilworth/Cranford New Jersey's Nomehegan Park which is across the street from our school Union County College. It was a nice brisk day, so we decided to burn calories, catch up with each other and go for lunch. On our journey around this long trail of a park we came across the most unusual things it was pretty scary and funny. 

I love going on nature trail walks, it's a mind refresher of how beautiful life is and how candid the woods can be. Of course, I love animals but I was terrified a lion, deer or raccoon was going to come attack us at any moment. Here's some pics or our trail. How cute is my silly hat? I love it! 

Overly Obsessed With Working Out!!!

I can't stop thinking, eating and breathing working out! January 29th is my birthday and i'm on the road to losing massive weight by then. Well a roughly 30 lbs, but it's not easy to do in a month so I've been obsessed with jogging and watching what I eat everyday now. Water is heavily included in my QuickTrim diet that I'm on. I guess it's the motivation, but I really go to sleep for small hours just being so anxious about getting up in the morning just to workout. I also feel very energized and alive when I workout maybe that's why i'm so addicted to it. I don't know, do you think this is normal? Am I obsessed with working out? 

Good Ol' Manicure

It's been ages since I last got a good manicure at the nail salon, well not ages but since the summer of 2010. I usually do my own nails but beings that my friend Britnie wanted a color change on her nails, I just thought I might as well pamper myself and get my nails cleaned and manicured. For $10 it didn't turn out bad at all, we went to My Nails in Roselle, New Jersey. I fancied the pic using Instagram enhancements. How cute did they turn out? 

January 4, 2012

Wednesday: Caption It

Like Really! How Hysterical Is This? *insert my heart monitor, for i am dying of laughter* 

DJ SHY: Party Like It's 1999

Of course RunDJs never stop their work on the 1s & 2s, DJ Shy has just released a mixtape entitled "Party Like It's 1999", including the collections of the greatest 90s songs that blessed our radios to our ears to our bodies. DJ Shy even takes it back on the mixtape reminiscing back in the late 90s when everyone rocked their cassette player/walkman (Are those even alive right now?)

Master hits are on this mixtape from the artists you love and even songs that will have you falling back in love with. Thanks to the RunNJ/RunDJs productions for their hard dedicated movement to give us feel good music. Can't wait to hear what other mixes they come out with this year. 



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Run Hundred: January's Top 10 Workout Songs

It's 2012 time to get back into shape after the holiday festivities. Our friend from RunHundred, Chris Lawhorn has sent me the top 10 workout songs of January that get's people really motivate to hit the gym and lose those extra holiday pounds. If you're not familiar RunHundred is a popular website that provides the best workout music of each month, year and etc. You can also get tips and tricks on workout regimes and connect with others who share the same workout goals are yourself. You can view January's top 10 workout songs after the jump. 

What Is Your Addicting Hobby?

After watching Sunday's new episode of Kourtney & Kim Take New York and seeing Kourtney's new hobby obsession over couponing, I wondered what addicting hobby do you all have. I wish I had a hobby, well basically I guess my blog is my hobby, but I can go for something more fun and different. A hobby that will have me interact with the people maybe leading into making a hobby group of some sort. 

Kourtney's addiction to coupons was really funny and cool, I mean we all take coupons for granted, but they help save a lot of money. I'm asking you, have you ever had an addicting hobby that began to annoy some of your friends and family members? Or do you have an addicting hobby now, if so what is it? I can't wait to read your responses. 

All That

Remember the good ol' 90s Nickolodeon sketch variety show ALL THAT? Yeah, I do too I lived through the era. This TV show started the careers for many of your favorite celebrities such as Amanda Bynes, Kenan Thompson, Kel Mitchell, Jamie Spears, Nick Cannon, Lori Beth Denberg, Danny Tamberelli, Giovonnie Samuels and many more all studded cast members. I'm going to need Nickolodeon to bring the show back on air, so that I can have my chance to audition (I'm not too old). Here are some of my favorite clips from all 10 outstanding successful seasons of ALL THAT

January 3, 2012

Tasty Tuesday: Pilgrim Pinch

As it is a new year and the holiday feast festivities are over, i'm not going to barge right into posting a edible meal for Tasty Tuesday; for those of us who are trying to get back into shape. I'm making up for the New Year and let's start off with a toast; a nice cocktail should I say. 

Browsing through one of my favorite Reality TV Stars/Fashion Designer Lauren Conrad 's blog/website, I came across this delicious stunning cat's meow cocktail that she posted. Thank You LC, you don't mind if I share this amazing cranberry/apple juice, ginger ale and a splash of vodka cocktail with my viewers do you? It's called the Pilgrim Pinch, so cheers to you and have a Happy New Year. The recipe will be after the jump! 

Fashion Catastrophe: Men's Sweater w/ Shawl Collar

Now I love men's sweaters, hoodies and cardigans, but the pieces with the shawl collar is a Fashion NO NO. I'm no Rachel Zoe or Christian Dior but I know what looks good and what doesn't appeal to me. I feel like collars belong on shirts not sweaters, unless you're doing the sweater/collard shirt ensemble then that's an exception. I really don't like the thick look to the neck and shoulders, especially on guys who are really broad and muscular even the lean and athletic guys. It just doesn't fit in, it looks like an old grandpa's top just sitting in the rocking chair. If you want to keep your neck and shoulders extra warm, why not wear a scarf? Isn't that what it's for besides making a fashion statement? I'm not too fond of the sweater shawl collar combination...ehhh what do you think?

How Far Should You Express Your Honest Opinions & Feelings On Social Networking Sites?

I love being mr. nice guy...

The Skorpion Show: Happy 2012, Aunt Viv, Love & Hip Hop, Mob Wives & More

After a 10 day hiatus the talk show kings of YouTube, Kevin and Makael who form The Skorpion Show are back with their first hour long video of the year 2012. They've added a new member to the "Have A Seat" chart along with getting deep in the core of some of YOUR favorite reality stars issues and lifestyle. The highlight of the video is when the two of them definitely show no remorse for Love & Hip Hop cast mate Erica Mena's baby father Raul of Terror Squad


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January 2, 2012

Countdown To My Birthday!!!

Well, it's that month of the year; January marks my birthday month. January 29th a prince was born. Yes, today marks the 27th day until the 29th of this month. I have BIG plans which I will make sure they come through. I hope you all are ready to celebrate with me while I take over this whole month :-)!!! Who else has a birthday this month? What do you have planned? I'm turning .....

New Music: DeeJaySpaz Presents "WELL DONE the mixtape"

Only to end the year 2011, RunDJs own DeeJaySpaz presents to you the hottest club mixtape to start the 2012 year. This mixtape features the hottest and exclusive new club tracks produced by the hottest producers such as; Jayhood, Sliink, Tiga and RunDJs' 2011's hardworking producer DeeJaySpaz. Do me a favor please and  listen to the mixtape, download the mixtape and don't be stingy, share it with everyone else. Enjoy!!! 

Plastic Surgery Nightmare!!!

YES! It Is True, Plastic Surgery Does Cause Nightmares!!!

Happy New Year 2012

I hope you enjoyed welcoming 2012! Yeah I didn't leave 2011 with a bang, family is the greatest to spend it with. My plans were screwed and I offered to be a fat kid at home which I did. I got to see friends and even gave my first kiss to my mother this year instead of Tokyo. Happy New Year, how'd you spend it? 

hope you had a Merry Christmas

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas. I can sum up my Christmas '11 for you in a nutshell. Only if you agree to share with me how your Kris Kringle holiday went, kapish? GOOD!