July 31, 2012

Tasty Tuesday - Pizza on a Stick

Just when I thought that food couldn't get anymore weirder, I just discovered there is a recipe for pizza but on a stick. This meal comes to us from my favorite of course The Food Network Online. This week I wanted to choose something light for the summer, something like an on the go snack and I stumbled upon this crazy meal. I don't know who ever thought to put pizza on a stick, but I'd take it as a helping hand to eat pizza much more cleaner. Without further adu, I present you today's Tasty Tuesday Pizza on a Stick

Check further down for the recipe...

SPARKLE Motion Picture Soundtrack In Stores Now!

The motion picture soundtrack for the 2012 remake of SPARKLE is out in stores and available for download on iTunes and Amazon

The soundtrack features the lovely voices of Jordin Sparks, Cee-Lo Green, Goapele, Carmen Ejogo, Tika Sumpter and the legendary unforgettable Whitney Houston. The soundtrack features favorites of the 1976 original film such as "Jump", "Hooked On Your Love", "Something He Can Feel", "Look Into Your Heart" as well as new original songs for the 2012 remake. Whitney even recorded "His Eye Is On The Sparrow" for the album and it sounds so beautiful. 

One song on the soundtrack that stands out is the feel good favorite "Celebrate" which features Jordin Sparks and Whitney Houston
You can download the album here on iTunes/Amazon:

You Can Also Purchase The Album At Any CD Retailers Sold! 

Guess The Celebrity ???

Can you guess the feet of this famous celebrity actor/host ? Hint: He's appeared in movies such as Stomp The Yard: The Homecoming, Burlesque and Think Like A Man

Download - Iggy Azalea GLORY (EP)

For a while on blogs I've been seeing hype about an Australian female upcoming artist in the industry by the name of Iggy Azalea. I would come across blog posts about who she has music with along with on and off feuds with another up and coming female artist in the industry. From what I've read, Iggy Azalea is supposed to be a protege from rapper T.I. I never got to know who she was as an artist by listening to her music up until yesterday. 

July 30, 2012

The Skorpion Show - Brandy & Luke James Talk, Aurora Movie Shootings, Jackson Family Issues & More

Sorry for being late with you all, here's this past Friday's episode of The Skorpion Show. The two chat about their successful celebrity interviews with Luke James and Brandy as well as touching on today's hot topics such as the Jackson family dilemma, Colorado movie massacre and much more. The new filming location of turned out to be very neighborly; to know what I mean you have to watch the video. 

Check Out My Friend Luis Cover Of Chris Brown's "Don't Judge Me"

My friend Luis, created his own cover of Chris Brown's popular song "Don't Judge Me" off his new album FORTUNE. Luis is an inspiring singer/songwriter and for months I've begged him to send me a sample of him singing something and he finally decided to it. I asked him when did he record the small snippet cover and he informed me earlier yesterday, with a small mic and his laptop. He did a great job on creating his own sound and dubbing his background vocals. I would have never guessed he recorded it in the premises of his room. 

Listen To His Cover Below!

July 27, 2012

Throwback Friday - Bon Jovi "Livin' On A Prayer"

After coming across this song in a Jordin Sparks American Idol performance, I couldn't stop singing it to myself. Bon Jovi is a legendary group who propels in rock and roll; there should not be one song you don't know from Bon Jovi. Though, I just learned Bon Jovi sung this song, that doesn't mean I've never heard it. "Livin' On A Prayer" is played EVERYWHERE, most famously being a karaoke song or just played during commercials or at rock  concerts by other artists. 

I just wanted to share Bon Jovi's video "Livin' On A Prayer" only to introduce to one of the greatest rock icons in the world and also add a different genre to Throwback Friday. I love this song, it's actually an inspirational song and who doesn't love a good inspirational song you can relate too. This will be my new song to sing at karaoke bars or even better weddings. BTW, this is my first time seeing the video with you guys.

Hope You All Enjoy & Have A Safe Weekend! 

July 26, 2012

Throwback Thursday - @LaTroyWatson & Britany (@KissMyKicks_) BFF Moments [Video]

Funny. Hilarious. Innocent. Crazy. Lovable. Sarcastic. Special. Real.

There are more words you can describe my BFF Britany and myself, but here's proof to show how real and crazy we are when we're together. I love my BFF with all my heart and i'm glad I have moments that I've shared with her on video. I really don't think there's a stronger best friend relationship than the one Britany and I have.

For Throwback Thursday, I decided to post two videos that I found on my YouTube account that will make you smile, laugh, or just make you give us a WTF just happened?! 

Wait There's More!!!!!

What Do You Think? Let Us Know!!!
Stay Tuned for Next Week's Throwback Thursday Funny Videos! 

Beyonce Has A Huge ANNOUNCEMENT!!!

This was posted on Beyonce's website yesterday and that was all; leaving fans to guess what's next from the global icon. Some say, she could be announcing a new world tour, the release dvd of Beyonce At Revel, or the announcement of a new album. Well, I don't know and the whole BeyHive wont' know until August 19th! I'M SUPER EXCITED!!!!

But for now, watch this amazing fan's comparison he did to Beyonce's "Countdown" video. He actually did the whole video from beginning to end; the only difference is he done the whole video in colorful Snuggies. Beyonce featured the video on her website; How On Point & Cute Was The Video?! 

Todrick Hall Presents: CinderFella

Watch this amazing music video dancer, singer and actor Todrick Hall created bringing the message to "LEGALIZE LOVE" in all shapes and colors as he describes. The music video features some favorited Disney songs blended with some of today's top 40 songs on the charts. The video also features famous celebrity faces dressed up in Disney characters. I absolutely love Todrick Hall's work and his on going effort to spread awareness about situations in the most thought out, out of the box concepts. GREAT JOB TODRICK! 

Take A Look At The Video! 

What Did You Think? 

Funny Or Die: Jonathan Cheban "I'm Kim Kardashian's BEST friend!"

Check out this Funny Or Die skit Kim Kardashian's best friend Jonathan Cheban has teamed up to create. If you don't know who Jonathan Cheban is then you must know, he is highly notable in the entertainment world due to co-owning one of the biggest PR companies in the world with his partner Simon Huck; Command PR, star of the E! show SpinCrowd, having his own watch line as well as his new life and style website. The video is very funny shall I add, I guess everyone just thinks all Jonathan is good for is just being Kim Kardashian's BEST FRIEND; when in reality the mogul has as life of his own. 

Watch The Video Below: 

Follow Jonathan On Twitter: 

PathFinderInt Presents: No Joke. Choice Matters. Everywhere.

Ever felt like there was a barrier between you and the doctor? Wondered why it took so long to see a doctor in the first place? Or Even better, waited hours at the doctors office/emergency room only for the doctor to tell you they're out of medicine or transfer you to the next available doctor practice when you're in need of serious medical attention. In this case based upon reproductive health, birth control and most importantly REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS

Well, Awkward Black Girl's Issa Rae and Path Finder International has created an EYE OPENER awareness video of the types of situations women experience everyday when in need of medical assistance. What's worse is that this problem is not only happening in the United sates, but over in poverty countries who make poor choices on helping their women receive sufficient REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS! 

Watch The Video & See How You Can Help! 

Which MEN IN BLACK Movie Was Your Favorite?

Yesterday afternoon I flipped the channel upon the 1997 classic film Men In Black starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. I haven't seen the movie in such a long time, I found myself focused on the movie like a baby drinking milk in it's bottle. I totally forgot how good the movie had been back in the 90s and still is. I haven't seen the recent third installment of Men In Black which came out earlier this summer, but watching Men In Black today made me want to watch all three films in a row. I can't wait till Men In Black 3 comes out on DVD; I'll def be purchasing it. Tonight with my family, I'm going to refresh my memory and pop in Men In Black 2

Which brings me to my question, which Men In Black film was your favorite? 

July 25, 2012

August 10th ATL's Club Famous A Maurice Graham (@MusicalTheorism) Performance!!!

Hey Everyone! A friend of mine Maurice Graham(@MusicalTheorism) from the Georgia area, is performing at Club Famous on August 10th. Maurice is helluva of a rapper and he needs all the support he can get. This performance/show is BIG for Maurice and we all know you only get one everlasting impression. Maurice has been rehearsing non stop, to completely satisfy the audience and his close supporters with one amazing and memorable show. The immense amount of hard work Maurice has put in will never go unnoticed therefore I know he will put on one of the greatest shows he has ever done in his life. 

His performance takes place at August the 10th, at Atlanta's Club Famous. Exact address and time of the event will be provided via email upon purchase of your ticket. Tickets are $7 as of right now until the 29th when given Maurice's Promotional Code.  Tickets rang from $11 to $13 at the door

I highly suggest you take advantage and use Maurice's promotional code. Details and more are in Maurice's promotional video below, check it out!
To Purchase Tickets Please Proceed To The Following:

Get your tickets now for Maurice's show & Club admission all in one!!!!!!!! 

Promo code to get $$ off is: THEORY053

For More Information Hit Maurice Via The Following: 
FaceBook: Maurice Graham
Twitter: @MusicalTheorism


July 24, 2012


Happy 5th Birthday To My One And Only Baby Girl, Tokyo Milan Watson! I Love You With All My Heart, Another Dog Or Human Being Could Replace The Love And Bond We Have. Although You're 35 In Dog Years, This Doesn't Mean You Can Tell Me What To Do, I'm Still Your Loving Adoring Mother. I Love You Toks McGoats! - Love Mommy <3!

Everyone Feel Free To Leave Your Happy Birthday Wishes In The Comment Box Below :-)! I'll Be Sure To Read Them To Her. 

Tasty Tuesday - Deep Fried Oreos

Last week my sister tried her best to make fried Oreos but ended up making it into a hot mess disaster. I think she thought she knew what she was doing when in all reality, she just was frying desserts just to fry. Keeping with the summer tradition of posting delicious desserts, I thought I'd add the correct recipe on how to make your own Deep Fried Oreos

Now, I've never had them a day in my life before i tried to taste a bite last week, but as soon as I bit into the Oreo I decided to dispose it ASAP! Maybe because I thought it wasn't the correct way it was supposed to taste; but here I have the recipe from AllRecipes and i'll be more than gladly to share it with you all. First off i'm not with the whole frying desserts, but hey you have to step outside the box and live a little right? Have you ever tried Deep Fried Oreos? Or Any dessert fried of that matter?

Without Further Adu, Here's Today's Tasty Tuesday Delight Deep Fried Oreos! 

The Skorpion Show - Brandy (@4EverBrandy) The Interview

The Video We've All Been Waiting For!!! The Skorpion Show's Kevin And Makael Interview One Of The Biggest Entertainers In The Industry, Brandy Norwood. Yesterday, Kevin Posted The Interview With Luke James, But That Was Just A Teaser To What He Had In Store For Us! After Numerous Tweets To Brandy From The Skorpion Show Fans Telling Her To Appear On The Show, She Has Finally Did It! Brandy Sits With The Well Known YouTube Bloggers For A Nice Chat And Even Clean Up An Slight Feud Between Makael And Brandy. Take A Look At One Of The Most Highly Anticipated Interviews Ever Done By The Skorpion Show

I'm Such A Brandy FAN!!!

Sparkle (2012)

The 1976 musical SPARKLE remake is set to hit theaters this August; this is to be Jordin Sparks first feature role and LEGEND Whitney Houston's last acting debut. Many people get the movie mixed up with DREAMGIRLS but clearly both movies have two extremely different plots. 

SPARKLE is a story about three sisters living in the rough neighborhood of Harlem, New York in search for a better life they come together as a singing group which takes a twist of its own; relationships and egos become involved leading to drug and physical abuse. SPARKLE is a movie one has to watch in their lifetime before laying eyes on any musical movie. I can't wait till the movie hits theaters, the casting director couldn't have found any better actors as the cast who are in this movie. I'm so excited; I grew up watching the movie over and over. 

Take a look at the trailer below: 

To Honor The Great And Legendary Whitney Houston, The Cast Decided To Release The Music Video For The  Movie's Leading Single "Celebrate" Sung In Duet By Jordin Sparks And Whitney Houston To Celebrate The Life And Legacy Of One Of  The Biggest Entertainers Of All Time.
The Music Video Is A Tear Jerker, Whitney Houston Will Forever Be Missed; "Nothing But Love" - Whitney Houston!
 August 17th Who's Coming With Me?! 

Memory Lane: @JordinSparks American Idol Audition + Favorite Performance

Who can forget when American Idol season 6 winner Jordin Sparks came into our lives when first auditioned to become the next American Idol? I will always remember, only because out of millions that year I auditioned and Jordin beat me for that contract (I joke around when I say that, I LOVE JORDIN!). From the moment 16yr old Jordin Sparks entered the audition room and belted Celine Dion's "Because You Loved Me", I just knew this girl was one to watch out for and so she became America's favorite voice and winner. 

Week after week Jordin blossomed into a beautiful performer with stunningly vocal abilities, the competition was tough and Jordin some days was voted at the bottom some nights, she kept her head high hoping her loved fans wouldn't let her down; which they didn't. Jordin has and will always be one of my top 5 favorite Idol contestants and winners. I see why she beat me in the competition, she blew me away with her audition song, if you don't believe me take a look for yourself:
As A Treat Here's My Favorite Jordin Sparks Performance Songs; Take A Look Down Below!

Are Fan Clubs Still Active?

Britney Spears 1999 Controversy Rolling Stone Cover
Are Fan Clubs still in existence? Now a days we have so many fans that FAN/STAN out on social networks, camp outside arena's for concert tickets or show appearances and even also getting a face portrait tattoo of their favorite artists. Fans will do the extreme just to be face to face with their favorite entertainer. I ask this question because back before illegal downloading became popular before the millennium, there were Fan Clubs

July 23, 2012

No Doubt - Settle Down

How are we loving No Doubt's new single "Settle Down" and the video? The group has re-united finally after nine long years and they'll be releasing their sixth album Push and Show this coming fall on September 25th. The band recently performed the song live for the first time at last nights 2012's Teen Choice Awards. Check out the video below and be sure to purchase "Settle Down" on iTunes NOW! If you grew up in the 90s' then you'll understand this #NoDoubtCraze!!! THEY'RE BACK!!!! Click Here To Purchase "Settle Down" Via iTunes $1.29
Follow No Doubt On Twitter Via @NoDoubt

New Video: Enfamous "Forget To Love Me"

IT'S HERE!!! Check Out The Video To Enfamous New Single "Forget To Love Me"! Don't Forget To Share The Video On Social Networks And Download The Single! Click Here To Download "Forget To Love Me" I'm So Happy It's Actually On VEVO! My Favorite Part Of The Video Is The Dance Sequence Towards The End! 

Follow Enfamous On Twitter: @Enfamous

@TheRealDJShy - Brick Bandits Still Run This

Check out the newest DJ Shy mix "Brick Bandits Still Run This" he created last week. DJ Shy proving he still is apart of the Brick Bandits famiy, can never do no wrong when comes to whipping up some hits and blending them to create one hot tease mix. Make sure you download the track and share it on all the social networks you have! 
 Follow DJ Shy On Twitter Via @TheRealDJShy

The Skorpion Show - @WhoIsLukeJames The Interview

The Skorpion Show's Kevin and Makael over the weekend got the chance to interview rising RnB singer Luke James. This video is for all those who have heard of Luke James but really don't know who he is and where he comes from, this interview is the answers to your questions about Luke James. Be on the lookout for him, he's another RnB singer who's hitting the music industry hard. Check out the fun exciting video below and stay tuned for another special interview coming soon!

Brandy Feat. Chris Brown "Put It Down" Lyrics

Ever since Brandy has released her new single "Put It Down" feat. Chris Brown for her upcoming album 2/11 now scheduled for a fall release came out, I've been jamming to it non-stop. Being a vivid big BRANDY fan, I'm so happy she is releasing more music and hitting the music industry hard. "Put It Down" is such a club party song and the way Brandy sings on the track just made me fall deep in love with it. Brandy is one of the greatest singers out here in the world and there's no one who can match her voice, she is the definition an artist. 

Anywho, I was determined to learn the whole song by the weekend was over so I decided to search online for the lyrics and clearly I came across some that were absolutely wrong smh. I then went on YouTube to see if I can find a video that would have the correct lyrics and thankfully Brandy's VEVO page had a video which complimented the song with CORRECT lyrics. The video affects went awesome with the beat and everything too. I was smiling with joy and I still am! 

How Do You Like The Song? 

Power 105.1 - The Breakfast Club "Diamond Interview"

Last Friday, Female rapper Diamond stopped by Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club (Charlamagne the God, Angela Yee and DJ Envy) to discuss  her feelings and rumors about the VH1 show Love & Hip-Hop and how she's portrayed by rapper and ex-boyfriend Lil' Scrappy and his mother Momma Dee, her relationship with Soulja Boy, former rap group Crime Mob, new music and more. Diamond held herself together during the interview as trio tried to get the skinny on what really happened with her relationship between Scrappy and if her vagina really has an odor problem as Momma Dee stated on the show. 

Watch The Interview Below:

New Music: Ameriie "Every Time"

So I'm months late about one of my favorite RnB singers out in the game now who is the incredible Ameriie. This past March (during my blog break), Ameriie released a new single entitled "Every Time" that will appear on her upcoming LP titled The Prelude. It's been a while since we've seen Ameriie on the music scene a lot has changed in her life such as changing her name from Amerie to Ameriie, getting married, changing her hair color to blonde, then to chopping it all off and now being an independent artist. There's so much I want to know with what's been up in Ameriie's life. The last we heard about her was on her latest album Love & War back in late 2009 early 2010. 

"Every Time" the new single has a soft RnB/HipHop feel to it, like her earlier work on her first album All I Have; which bloomed her career with hits such as "Why Don't We Fall In Love" and "Talkin' To Me". If you ask me "Every Time" could be the love child of the two All I Have hits. As I stated the song buzzed in March and it's now July entering August, Ameriie I hope we're getting to see a video for the nice summer song or a follow up single. I hope Ameriie pulls forth with this new LP, I just wanted to share with you the new song if you haven't heard.

Listen Below & Vote!    

<a href="http://www.sodahead.com/entertainment/hit-or-miss/question-2819729/" title="Hit Or Miss?">Hit Or Miss?</a>

R.I.P Kyle Glover

This weekend has been nothing but even more heartaches and sadness now that Tameka Foster-Raymond has decided to take her son off life support early Saturday morning. Tameka, family and friends held on for 14 days strong praying and wishing Kyle would come responsive due to his jet ski incident causing him to be announced braid dead. Usher who has been very supportive at this time of need is also grieving, he took Kyle under his wing as his own son; the two shared a close bond.  

My Condolences Are With Tameka And Kyle's Loved Ones At This Time; For No Mother Should Have To Bury Their Own Child. Such A Sad Loss, But Kyle Is Now Tameka's And His Family's Guardian Angel Protecting Them From The Dangers Down Below On Earth. R.I.P Kyle Glover
GOD BLESS Tameka Foster-Raymond! - LaTroy Watson

July 20, 2012

Throwback Friday - Danity Kane "Show Stopper"

In honor of the previous post about Shannon Bex's country cover of "Damaged" and the whole Danity Kane hoopla, I decided for today's Throwback Friday I take you back to 2006, where the lucky five girls were picked to be in the multi-platinum recording group Danity Kane with their first single "Show Stopper". 

If Danity Kane would have stayed together and worked out their differences, i'm pretty sure they wol have release two more albums before disbanding. Dawn Richard, D. Woods, Shannon Bex, Aundrea Fimbres and Aubrey O'Day there will NEVER be another reality tv girl group to hit amazing boundaries as you all did, magnificant music and chemistry, I miss you much! Here's today's Throwback Friday Danity Kane with "Show Stopper".  

Danity Kane's Shannon Bex "Damaged" Country Cover

Anyone remember Danity Kane member Shannon Bex? Well, it looks like the girls have branched off doing well in their own solo ventures. Shannon Bex who is now married and is pursing a solo career in the genre of Country is set to release her self titled EP very soon. Meanwhile, she's started a YouTube Channel where she's posting videos of the journey to creating her EP along the way singing country covers of songs that are favorites.

In this particular video Shannon was asked to cover her once top selling female pop group Danity Kane's "Damaged" off their second album Welcome To The Dollhouse. Though in the beginning of the video Shannon states she's over the whole Danity Kane era then performs the fan favorite song acoustically in a country version which sounded so beautiful. hannon has always been a country singer and if you payed attention to MTV's Making the Band, you could see Shannon vocally auditioning a country song; which I don't blame her because country singing is definitely one of her strong attributes. 

Deep down inside I pray to the heavens above Danity Kane will resurface to put out some more albums and take the music industry by storm...but until then we have their individual projects which I'm still trying to get used too. Take a look at Shannon perform her country version of "Damaged".

How do you feel about Danity Kane's individual careers?

July 19, 2012

Throwback Thursday

Yessenia & Myself (Newark Circa 2008)

After hours of going through my old MySpace and FaceBook photo albums, I decided which pictures I was going  to use for Throwback Thursday. Back in 2008, after working a long day at The Newark Museum, I took the night out to hang with some best friends; Yessenia and her sister Diomarys. It was a chilled night that literally turned from going to the mall (we even ran into our friend Nicole at work) and then catching a late night movie. I LOVE these girls, WE ARE WAY PAST OVERDUE TO HANG OUT AGAIN!

Hope You Like Our Silly Pics!

The Skorpion Show - ATL Trip, Directv VS Viacom, Love & Hip Hop, Meek Mill VS Pastor Jomo & American Idol Shakeup

Makael, Tamar Braxton and Kevin at Kevin's 27th Birthday Party in Philly 2012. 

Everyone Watch With Me! I Love These Two!!! Act Like Yall Know, It's The Skorpion Show!!! 

REGISTER TO VOTE:http://www.rockthevote.com/ 

VH1's Mama Drama

Last night VH1 premiered their new reality show titled Mama Drama, which is pairing five moms with their daughters to live in one big house in Las Vegas. Of course, there is going to be partying and chaos thrown in the mix. Only because mother's tend to be strong value holders and in most cases what one family's values or believes, may not be the same for another family. 

The cast includes a total of five mothers and a total of six daughters on more Loren having both her twins on the show (talk about double trouble). You might see a familiar face in the cast and that's because cast mate Ashley was scene on a previous season of Oxygen's Bad Girls Club. If that doesn't tell you how popping this show will be then you have no IDEA!!! 

Mama Drama comes on every Wednesday night at 10pm and for you as the episodes post on VH1, I will gladly share them with you, since DISH network and Viacom have been tsking for a while now. My review for the first episode...I will narrow it down to being very entertained and focused. I'm still trying to get to know the whole cast by face and name, honestly I only remember the twins Britney and Whitney and their mother Loren as well as Ashley since she was apart of the Bad Girls Club. I love how VH1 got mothers and daughters involved for a reality show, because this makes great TV! We all love some type of DRAMA, but I really prefer relatable drama rather than celebrity drama where I can't relate because I don't have the type of money they have.

VH1 Thank You, You Have Made My Wednesday Nights!!!
Check The Supertrailer Below

Will You Watch? 

Throwback Thursday - Celebrity Edition "The Kardashians"

Since today is Throwback Thursday, I thought i'd join in the fun not only by posting my own pics but also adding some of my favorite celebrities pics as well. Randomly, I was on MySpace and I came across Kim and Kourtney Kardashian's pages and went rummaging through their photos. I found some really old pics the girls posted from when they first became known in the public eye; it's crazy how much they've changed their look and sense of style. 

I found myself in awe and laughing at some of the pictures, I really love the Kardashians when they weren't so glitz and glammed back then. Their natural beauty and dark hair made them stand out from the typical Hollywood celebrity. If you don't remember then take a look at some of the pictures and see if you agree with me.

How many of you look back at your MySpace photos? 

New Music: Ellie Goulding Feat. Tinie Tempah "Hanging On"

Last week Ellie Goulding was nice enough to drop a new studio song she recorded with rapper Tinie Tempah titled "Hanging On" for fans on FaceBook. Along with being nice and giving us new music to bump to, she also made it downloadable for FREE. I love the mellowness in the beginning of the song and then somehow Tinie Tempah just raises the bar two notches. I'm obsessed with Ellie Goulding and her album LIGHTS btw, who wouldn't love her raspy UK voice?! Have you guys heard her album? Anyway, listen to the new song by Ellie Goulding down below and let me know what you think. 

July 18, 2012

Blue Ivy Carter Out & About [Unveiled]

After the first month Beyonce and Jay-Z's first born Blue Ivy's official photos were displayed on Beyonce's blog. Beyonce has done a fine job of keeping Blue Ivy covered up from the paps until now. 

Earlier today pics of the mommy and daughter went viral as Beyonce finally unveiled baby Blue Ivy. The two seemed to be out and about in New York City like the usual mommy and daughter outing. The 6 month year old looked so beautiful with a head full of curly hair, Blue Ivy looks a bit like her mogul father Jay-Z and has Bey's nose and eyes. Then after their day in Beyonce quickly covered baby Blue shielding her from the paps. 

Pics Below Of Baby Blue Ivy

Instagram of the Week - Makael86

Cute, funny, adorable and one half of the YouTube highly favorite vlog review The Skorpion Show, Makael McClendon is this week's Instagramer of the Week. The reason why Makael has been chosen, because he's been a favorite Instagramer of mine for some time now; he doesn't overdue the posting, he posts great inspirational quotes, adds humorous shade to some of his photos he has uploaded of celebrities and overall he's very photogenic. Makael is just a cute and highly intelligent young man from Philly trying to make those big bucks. Be sure to follow Makael on Instagram if you have the iPhone/Android app; but I advise you to beware because if you attack BEYONCE, OH HE WILL STING BACK 10 FOLD!!! :-)!  

OH NO SHE DIDN'T! Beyonce Rocks Blonde Box Braids

In accompany of her husband Jay-Z, Beyonce attended rapper NAS "Life Is Good" dinner showing up as the flashback 1999 Destiny's Child braid hairstyle; only actually Beyonce was giving us long blonde box braids. Beyonce at the dinner kindly didn't want to be the center of attention (which was hard to tell) and opted not to have any photos taken of her or with anyone; that it was NAS's celebration and night (THIS IS WHY WE LOVE BEYONCE; SO HUMBLE!!!) Clearly, a party goer couldn't help but continue to be all on Bey's shhhmeat when they snapped some photos and it hit the next yesterday. 

Check out another shot of the blonde box braided diva below:

Mariah Carey To Join The American Idol Judges Panel?!

Is The Deal Really Close To Being Sealed?
Just after American Idol judge Steven Tyler announced his departure from one of the greatest talent finder competition shows in the world, American Idol; Jennifer Lopez then followed stating she'd be leaving the judges panel also. Leaving producers to look for two more judges to sit alongside Randy Jackson.

The two lovable judges Tyler and Lopez would be greatly missed, but they both are reasoning their departure based on needing time to focus on their music careers. There were no feuds whatsoever, in fact Jennifer stated to ABC News Amy Robach "We had magic,I don't know, with him gone, it might be a different formula.". 

How does Mariah Carey come in this story? Well, there have been reports saying for the longest since Paula Abdul's departure in 2009, American Idol creator and once judge Simon Cowell has been trying to get Mariah Carey to sign on as a judge; that on Idol and his new FOX hit show The X-Factor, but conflicts in scheduling refrained from Carey being a judge. However, last week a very close source told US Weekly "They are in serious talks with Mariah and it's very close to being a done deal." If Carey is chosen to be American Idol's newest judge, Randy will sign off as a judge and become a mentor to the next batch of hopefuls. 

I'm not sure what to think of the whole situation, I really believe American Idol needs to have steady judges who will sign on for a long time and not up and leave. I never knew Mariah Carey to be very critical verbally, I kind of want MiMi to stick to being a mentor and not a judge. BUT who knows, she might just have something stored up her sleeves for us LAMBS <3! 

Read more
: http://www.usmagazine.com/entertainment/news/jennifer-lopez-steven-tyler-cemented-my-decision-to-leave-american-idol-2012167#ixzz20wrTp8Tz