September 21, 2012

Throwback Friday - Michael Jackson "I Wanna Be Where You Are"

Gosh! This is my favorite Michael Jackson song ever!!! 
Have A Blessed & Safe Weekend Everyone! 
Enjoy The Late Great Michael Jackson As I Will Be Back On Monday! 

Happy Birthday B A B Y !!!

I would like to wish my nephew Brian the 3rd "B A B Y" a

H A P P Y  F I R S T  B I R T H D A Y !!! 

BABY as we call him celebrates his first birthday this Sunday and I can't wait to be at his first party to celebrate! He's growing up so fast and very smart I feel like I'm getting old by the second. Babies are precious to everyone, when you're around them you have to cherish every moment because before you know it they will be taking care of you while you're in a wheelchair ;-)! 

Happy Birthday Brian, May God Bless You With Many More B A B Y,
You Are Always Loved By Your Family, Friends And Me! 

Love Uncle Troy!!!

Power 105.1 Breakfast Club: Tamar Braxton & Vince Herbert [Interview]

Yesterday, Tamar Braxton-Herbert and record executive extraordinaire Vincent B. Herbert stopped by New York City's Power 105's The Breakfast Club for a little chat on their new WEtv reality show Tamar and Vince, cleared up rumors, marriage, family, Lady Gaga, careers and tossed rumors. 

Watching the interview I couldn't help but love Tamar and Vince more than I already do because of how real and humble they keep each other. In the video I seen Charlamagne was a bit less rudely vocal in this interivew than he is in other interviews with celebrities. I take it if he TRIED IT, Tamar and Vince would have gotten him together!!! 

Do You Think Tamar Should Have Put A Family First? 

Solange Knowles - Losing You [10.2.12]

SHE'S BACK!!! Solange Knowles just released a teaser video via her YouTube channel showcasing her newly upcoming single entitled "Losing You" due to hit October 2nd. "Losing You" will be on Knowles's third album following up to her smash retro 60's inspired album "Sol-Angel & The Hadley St. Dreams" (2008). 

Throughout the long hiatus, Solange claims she wanted to mix something new and original for her new album. Solange even moved west to find the perfect sound and vibe to record her promising tracks. Along in these past four years, Solange also signed a model deal with Next Model and transitioning to a natural hair inspirational icon. Currently Solange resides in the east coast, Brooklyn with her talented and gifted son Juelz

Here's The Teaser For "Losing You":

Can't Wait To Buy The Single! I'm Pretty Sure This Single Will Welcome Solange Back On Top Of The Charts With Her Exquisite & Feel Good Music. VERY INSPIRING!!! 

What Do You Think Of Solange's Departure & Re-Emerge? 

September 20, 2012

Throwback Thursday - The Simple Life: "Sanasaa, Sanasaa"

If there's one duo that get's me and my bff cracking up, you can probably guess it would be Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. The two for five seasons participated in a reality show titled The Simple Life, where the wealthy rich girls who partied every night were taken out of their element when they were forced to work regular working jobs for money and survive without their parent's luxury living, credit cards or cell phones. 

In season 3 of The Simple Life:Interns, Paris and Nicole continuously brought the humor to ever job or person they came across. In one of the episodes, Paris and Nicole traveled to their living destinations for their jobs by a Greyhound Charter Bus and to keep entertained on the long bus ride the girls came up with a silly song entitled "Sanasaa, Sanasaa". The girls joked about the their group name Billy and Silly that sometimes included a Milly. The obnoxious song raised eyebrows on peoples faces having to think "ARE THEY FUCKING SERIOUS?!

My best friend Britany and I laugh every time at the scene merely because it is something we would do when we're out in public or just make complete fools of ourselves. We don't do it to get attention either, when you see or hear us acting a fool chances are we're being very serious. We often think about what if it was us who were cast in The Simple Life and how crazy it would be. 

I chose "Sanasaa, Sanasaa" as today's Throwback Thursday just for something different and this song will always be a hit in my mind. If you haven't seen an episode of The Simple Life or watched a season, i suggest you go out to your nearest Best Buy, F.Y.E or Target and pick up the season dvd's they are worth buying!!! 

Tamar and Vince: Season Premiere Tonight On WEtv

Tonight they're back!!! Tamar Braxton-Herbert and Vincent Herbert kickoff their long awaited husband and wife reality show Tamar and Vince on WEtv at 10pm right after the season finale of Braxton Family Values 2.5. From promotional runs and interviews Tamar's famously sisters Toni, Traci, Towanda and Trina Braxton have all agreed on this show we will all see another side of Tamar we haven't seen on Braxton Family Values

Tamar and Vince showcases the ups and downs of holding a marriage together all while being working partners in the music industry. Vince Herbert a successful mogul respected record executive in charge of the careers of Toni Braxton and Lady Gaga juggles as he tries to balance his work life, being Tamar's manager and trying to start a family with her. Tamar on the other hand, the loud outspoken youngest sister of the Braxton's longed for her record deal and will not let anyone or 'family' ruin her dreams of becoming big.

This is a show for all to see, if you don't believe me here's some videos you can below. This show will be my Thursday night favorite, I can't help but crack up at Tamar's crazy antics and catch phrases like "Get Your Life and .Com". The Braxton's make great television, but Tamar makes a great network! 

Take A Look For Yourself:

Miguel Sings "Adorn" Live On Power 106 FM

Yesterday Rnb superstar Miguel stopped by Power 106 FM's Big Boy's Neighborhood and performed his highly favorited buzzing new single "Adorn" live on air. Not many artists can say they've sang one of their songs live on the radio, but now we all know Miguel doesn't need any auto tune fixing, this young man's voice is pure talent. Be sure to purchase his sophomore album Kaleidoscope Dream due to hit shelves October 6th. 

Take A Look: 

How Did Miguel Sound In Your Opinion? 

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Back Together?

This summer's BIG breakup came into everyone's lives as a complete unaware shocker. Back in mid-July it was reported pictures of Kristen Stewart was seen kissing another guy besides her beau and co-star of the hit film series Twilight, Robert Pattinson. The guy whom Kristen was seen canoodling with happened to be the director of the movie Snow White and the Huntsman in which Kristen played Snow White. After the pictures were released to magazines and spread heavily online, Kristin Stewart gave an apology statement publicly about her affair. 

Soon after the public apology, Robert Pattinson gave the impression on fans and spectators he was indeed done with Kristen Stewart, until now. It is reportedly said the two haven't seen each other since July and with the final Twilight saga series finale to hit theaters very soon, the two can't stay away from each other. The two have been caught reuniting and are respectfully trying to put aside the drama that unfolded this summer. 

I'm not one to gossip, but to add some juice to the story if you haven't heard, the director whom Kristen was shacking up with, is the husband of the actress who plays Robert Pattinson's character's mother in the Twilight movies. That's some cray for your mind; but whatever the two are going through I hope they did work things out for the sake of promoting the movie in the next couple of weeks. 

Check Out The Trailer: 
Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2

Do You Think Robert Pattinson Should Take Kristen Stewart Back? 

Bethenny Frankel Returning To Daytime Television!!!

If you didn't hear the good news, Bethenny is coming back to daytime television. This past summer Bethenny was blessed with a six week stint of her highly anticipated talk show; having special celebrity guests to chat with, audience interaction segments and even the crazy stories Bethenny shared to the audience brought in an immense amount of viewers. The Bethenny talk show instantly became a fan favorite, making it another successful achievement in Bethenny's career. 

Bethenny, announced on Ellen Degeneres (who helped her launch her talk show) show she was coming back and would soon tell us all the details later on her website. I was very interested in the topics Bethenny had on her such including the sex ones and demonstrations where she displayed basic home goods that acted as great remedies for everyday flaws. I can't wait until the first official season of Bethenny

Will You Be Watching? 

September 19, 2012

Instagram of the Week - @KIERA1206

This week's Instagram of the Week is my sis Kiera because of the cutest pics she posts of her beautiful daughter Princess Bailee. I love scrolling through my feed and seeing the cute outfits Keira has dressed Bailee or just the candid pictures she takes of her whether she's asleep or just plain ol' being silly. I also love how motivated and driven Kiera was after she had Bailee. Just like how happy and joyful I get while scrolling through her pictures you will too. I guess I can say Kiera and baby Bailee are both my pick Instagram of the Week! 

Go Follow Them!!! 

Double Dosage Of @TheSkorpionShow - @DamienCrawford Interview + Hot Topics

This week we got a double dose of the Philly native YouTube vloggers Kevin and Makael as they give us two special The Skorpion Show videos. The first video is an interview they did with independent Rnb/Pop musician and performer Damien Crawford and the second video the two talk everything from Basketball Wives' Evelyn Lozada on Iyanla Vanzant's Fix My Life, Usher's Next Chapter with Oprah, the new American Idol Judges and much more. 

Please be sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel, like their videos and most importantly share it with your friends on your social networks that you have. Also follow them on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and MySpace (for those who still use). 

Enjoy The Episodes! 

Tamar Braxton's "Love & War" Acapella Snippet

Finally after months of waiting, Tamar has announced the name of her first single titled "Love & War", but sadly the release date for the single has been pushed back by her recording industry mogul husband Vincent Herbert. On the bright side, during an ABC News Radio conference to promote their new reality spin off show Tamar & Vince premiering this Thursday on WETv at 10pmTamar sang her new single acapella as a teaser.

Listen Below: 

Lifetime Network Presents Steel Magnolias [Trailer]

Here's the 2012 trailer for the 1989 remake of Steel Magnolias. Queen Latifah who is one of the  producers of the movie also stars in it along with Alfree Woodard, Jill Scott, Phylicia Rashad, Condola Rashad, Adepero Oduye, Lance Gross, Michael Beasley and Tory Kittles. The television film is set to air October 7, on the Lifetime Network. I'm very delighted the movie has an all black cast and very eager to see how the new cast will play each character from the 1989 classic. If i'm not mistaken i've read somewhere Queen Latifah said the movie followed the same format but is more modern. 

Shop Kardashian Khaos Online + SPECIAL TRAILER

The hit tourist attraction store when in Las Vegas, Kardashian Khaos which features items, cosmetics, totes, fragrances, apparel and other all things Kardashian is now available online. Kardashian Khaos which has been open for about a year now but only located in the Las Vegas area has now opened their arms for people world wide. 

After browsing through the online store, I have to say the prices aren't that bad for the items they're selling. There's a lot of great souvenir items you can purchase one being my favorite the Kardashian Dolls Face Fan and the Image Mug. Everything is under $100 bucks so you can get enough stuff that'll make you a Krazy Kardashian fanatic. 

The only thing expensive on the site store is the "EXCLUSIVE" makeup case sisters Kourtney, Kim and Khloe all own and has been seen on the show a couple of times costing you an arm and a leg for $500. Personally, I feel like you can make the case yourself or buy it cheap at your nearest Walmart or Target

Other than that, the store is pretty nice and if you'd like I'll accept some gifts from you brought from Kardashian Khaos. I'll tell you one thing, those sisters sure know how to brand themselves. When you get a chance make sure to check out the store.

Visit The Store Via Clicking The Link Below:

Trey Songz To Star In 2013 Remake Thriller "Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D"

He can sing, dance and seduce, but can RnB sex phenom singer Trey Songz act on the big screen? We'll just have to wait and see until February 2013, when a new modern remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D comes out in theaters. Can't wait to see Trey on the big screen? Don't frown we have the movie trailer just for you!

Check It Out! 

Hot New Albums To Buy!

Here are the most recent newly released albums that have dropped which I recommend you all go out and purchase. I highly suggest using iTunes to purchase all your music simply because you don't have to get up out of your bed to rush to your music store to purchase an album, iTunes is quick and easy and you're guaranteed to get your music back if it ever got deleted, misplaced and etc. 

Does Julia Roberts Ever Age?

It seems as though Golden Globe and Academy Award winning actress Julia Roberts never ages. I was browsing through YouTube when I came across an old 1989 Late Night with Dave interview of a young Julia Roberts at the age of 22 years old.

September 18, 2012

Tasty Tuesday: Watermelon Salad Recipe

As the fall season gets us whipped back into shape; those who are back to school students, back to work parents from a nice summer's vacation or just a full time stay at home parent. We all know the first couple of days and weeks can be pretty hectic and rough. Try not to cramp your diet by eating a lot of carbs, greasy or fast foods just because you don't have time or feel too tired enough to cook something up.  You need a meal or snack that will give you an extra power booster to continue through your day or week. 

I highly recommend eating a course dealing with watermelon's and other high in energy fruits. Watermelon which seems to be my favorite, is 100% made up of water which keeps your body hydrated and functioning. Adding a touch of small fruit with it will give your body the extra energy it needs. Food Network Magazine couldn't have came up with a much energizing relaxed watermelon type meal. 

For this Tasty Tuesday meal i'm choosing Watermelon Salad Recipe; i'm more than sure eating a bowl of this a day will restore your energy you once lost that full first day of school, work, or at home. This delish dish is so easy and fun to make you won't even have to hassle about cleaning dishes. 

For Watermelon Salad Recipe, continue after the jump...

Tamar Braxton Addresses Wigs/Weaves Questions + Nicki Minaj's Atrocity!

On a promo tour for WETv's new reality series starring Braxton Family Values breakout star Tamar Braxton and her millionaire mogul husband Vince Herbert, Tamar & Vince premiering this coming Thursday at 10pm on WETv. Tamar Braxton played co-host to Anderson Cooper on his show Anderson Live yesterday and the outspoken singer/reality starlet kind heartedly had some truthful words to say about Nicki Minaj's wild neon hair which she called "ATROCITY" and a Twitter question from a fan who asked whether she was wearing a wig or weave.

Here's What Tamar Had To Say About Hair Mishaps & Questions.

Congrats On The Spin Off Show With Vince
I'll Def Be Watching This Thursday 

Congrats To The New American Idol Judges!

Congrats to your new American Idol judges; Randy Jackson, Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, Keith Urban and of course your host Ryan Seacrest. Finally, after months of speculation about who would replace judges Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler it looks like FOX have came down to a decision. 

It is rumored newly judges Keith Urban will earn a whopping $4 million, Nicki Minaj earning $8 million and Mariah Carey banking with a $17 million dollar deal; again this is said to be rumored. I personally don't know how much the judges are getting compensated, but I can bet you your bottom dollar these high profiled celebrities now judges are making more than any of us by the second. 

I'm anxious to see how this new group of judges will play out to the contestants on the upcoming 2013 season of American Idol. Could Idol hopefuls actually become more nervous than ever now that Grammy Award winning vocalist Mariah Carey will be on the panel critiquing their talent? Will Nicki Minaj bring the creative aspect to the hopefuls performances? Or better yet Keith Urban looks as if he's the quiet one out of the group, could he be the next Simon Cowell? Who knows, we'll just have to stay tuned January 2013. 

Just To Clear Up Some Rumors Mariah Carey Has Some Words:

September 17, 2012

I Cover Taylor Swift's "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together"

So one of my favorite songs right now is Taylor Swift's new single "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" off of her upcoming new album RED. I fell in love with the song ever since she performed it at the MTV VMA's. The song's chorus is pretty much so catchy as to you can't never ever forget it and you'll find yourself singing it in the most random places, like i've done in the public bathroom and elevator. 

I decided to just record the chorus part clearly that's my favorite. I hope you all like my chorus cover of Taylor Swift's brand new spanking song. Make sure you guys purchase the single on iTunes too! 

Purchase "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" On iTunes:

I Side With Presidential Election Quiz

For those who are undecided who they choose to vote for this coming 2012 Election, there's this cool website called I SIDE WITH where you can take a presidential election quiz and based on your answers at the end you will see who's views you side more with and whose you don't agree with out of the candidates running for president. The site is very accurate and touches on a lot of topics that concern our country and your thoughts as well as beliefs. 

If you are 18 yrs or older and have not registered to vote yet, you still have time to register so you can participate in the election and mark your choice in history. Registering and voting is only an ABC 123 step process. Voting and presidential election quiz links will be posted down below. I hope you all participate and help making the country a better place to live. 


New Video: Ciara "Sorry"

Ciara released the long awaited visual for her newly single "Sorry" off her coming album One Woman Army, last Thursday 9/13 for fans. "Sorry" has a nice smooth sultry RnB feel which is exactly the route Ciara needs to stay on to get back on top of the charts again. 

The video directed by Christopher Sims is incredible, beautiful and captures Ciara in her best video moments from dancing, looking sexually seductive in a tub full of water and even more beautiful in the shots with her leading male model who plays her ex boyfriend. Might I also add, her body/figure is temptingly wanting; Ciara goes hard in the gym for sure we know!!! 

Check Out The Video For "Sorry" Below: 

I Love The Video & Song!!!
Congrats & Good Luck On The New Album Ciara!!! 

Fix My Life w/ Iyanla Vanzant: Evelyn Lozada

Last night on Oprah Winfey's cable network OWN, successful prolific Author and Life Coach Iyanla Vanzant sat down with one of reality tv's most talked about celebrities Evelyn Lozada whom recently has been in news due to her domestic violence situation with newlywed husband former football player Chad Ochocinco

Aside from having a domestic dispute with Chad, Evelyn has appeared on three seasons of VH1's hit reality series Basketball Wives which showcases the lives, luxury and problems basketball wives/girlfriends face while being sworn in the lifestyle. Evelyn Lozada's character on the show is known for being the bully; throwing glasses of alcohol/water into people's faces, calling women the B-word and most embarrassing running over tables fighting another cast mate. Since then the girl from the Bronx, New York is simply crying out for guidance and help. 

Iyanla was on the journey in helping Evelyn recover from her internal fears and stray away anger she has built inside of her. Iyanla will also get down to what really happened just weeks after Evelyn's marriage to Chad where he allegedly head butted her facing Evelyn's decision to file for divorce after 41 days of the two's nuptials. 

Take a look at some clips from the show: 

Dr. Phil Interviews The Lohans

Dr. Phil sits down for an exclusive one on one interview with Dina Lohan and Michael Lohan; estranged divorcee parents to young Hollywood troubled actress Lindsay Lohan. Dr. Phil touches on Lindsay's troubled run in with the law as well as parenting Lindsay and Dina's haunting marriage between her and Michael Lohan. Plus, more shocking information reveals during this must watch interview. 

Check The Trailer Below:

Dina Lohan's behavior seems a bit erratic don't you think? I wonder if Dr. Phil can really get down to why the Lohan family has been heavily under the microscope for their on and off bad publicity and if Lindsay will ever get her chance to be back on top again. So many questions I have myself for this interview. Everyone knows I'm a big Lindsay Lohan fan and I want to know what happened. Where did this madness stem from?! 

You can catch the Lohans on Dr. Phil today on  WCBS 2 at 3PM Eastern. Will you be watching? 

Spotted Ellie Goulding In New York City 9.14.12

This past Friday as I was on my way back to New Jersey from classes in New York City, I caught myself walking past UK pop singer Ellie Goulding. If you know me, then you would know I LOVE Ellie Goulding as an world renowned artist. I have always joked about running into celebrities in the Big Apple; but always doubt the chances.