November 5, 2012

Summer Of '4' [Video]

Hello Everyone! 

After sitting in the house for a week due to Hurricane Sandy, I decided to go through my flash drives and look back at some of my videos I recorded. In doing so, I just so happened to come across my Beyonce in concert videos. I have been meaning to upload the videos at the time, but I was just too lazy to creatively edit the videos in telling a moment by moment story. 

I had no choice, I practically glued myself to my MacBook, brought up iMovie (a movie/video editing application) and proceeded to whip up something you all might like. It took me hours upon hours to find the right video shots to edit and frame into a short time frame. 

I was blessed and fortunate enough to see my idol Beyonce perform her entire new album '4' the year of '4', actually taken place during the summer but '4' made Beyonce's year very special for her fans. I attended Good Morning America "Summer Concert Series" which featured Beyonce on July 1st, then on August 16th I attended her Roseland Ballroom concert. I will forever cherish these moments and I hope through the video you will feel like you're actually at a Beyonce concert with me. 

*I'm Totally Obsessed With Editing Videos Now On iMovie, Watch Out Videographers!!!!* ;-) 

Long SANDY Hiatus...

As we all know a devastating natural disaster occurred the past week, Hurricane Sandy. Hurricane Sandy's strength managed to knock the east coast completely cold for a good week and still the east coast is trying to recover immediately. 

Most known states that were affected were New York City and New Jersey. I happen to live in New Jersey but not near the shore or Atlantic City where damage was greatly done. New York City gained an immense amount of flooding and power outages. Some parts of New Jersey suffered power outages, homes, cars, jobs and sadly some or more family members. 

I have a lot to be thankful for, for I have not lost a family member nor my home. I was left without power for about three days; power went out at 8:40PM Sunday 10/28 and didn't get power back until Wednesday afternoon 10/31. The cold didn't bother me as much because I've dealt with much worse cold weather; basically having to move furniture into storage during a bad snow storm. 

In aftermath along with a power outage for three days, Hurricane Sandy managed to knock down my land line cutting off my internet connection. I was completely depressed, I really value my connection with social media and I just didn't have that luxury for a week and weekend. However, I'm taking advantage of my school's WIFI!!! 

Blogging will be scarce until I get internet service back at home. I will try my hardest to keep you updated on hot topics and all things I enjoy and love. My heart goes out to those who lost a lot during Hurricane Sandy storm and especially for those who lost lives. 

Thanks For Continuing To View My Blog!
Stay Positive

-LaTroy Watson