January 15, 2013

24th Birthday Ideas, Hmm...

I can't believe I'm turning 24 in just a couple of weeks and I still don't have any plans. I mean this is not  uncommon but seriously I have to stop not planning my birthday when it nears in just two weeks. On top of that, the spring semester is about to start next week and I'm not even ready for that. I procrastinate on the biggest things which also needs to stop. 

I need to know what outfit to wear on my birthday, where to go and who to invite. All of these things are running through my mind but at the bottom of the totem pole. I'm only turning 24 though, what is there to do? If you did anything fun let me know, remind you I live on the East Coast so our weather conditions are up and down; one day it snows, one day it rains and the next we're having a hurricane/blizzard, so be mindful of the weather condition. I want to do something fun but indoors and eat less, it's January and most of my friends are on diets. I also want to dress up for my birthday, so I might want to wear a cute button up shirt with a tie and some nice slacks. Something different !