January 8, 2013

Assigned Sex - Ep. 1: Ring The Alarm [Video]

A friend of mine by the name of Shaun Dawson (cinematographer) came up with a brilliant idea to film the lives of some transgender people living in the New York City area. As a reality web~series 'Assigned Sex' focusing around the lives of five transgender male to female and female to male individuals as they cope with living in their new bodies and how others treat them on the job, in the community, with their family and complications they face health wise. 

Writer/Director Shaun Dawson

Chose to take on this project because of following facts listed in the video such as:

The LGBT community are the individuals who have it hard living in a world where hatred is looked upon them. The LGBT community are regular human beings just like everyone else whom are heterosexual; they shed tears, bleed, show emotions, have fears and etc. like we all are meant to do. Most people in the world have a hard time accepting the LGBT community because of religious purposes or how they were raised to look upon someone who is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender. 

Assigned Sex cast members include Kyrie, Angel, LaLa, Jay'Lin and L whom of which you will get to know their personal stories, hear their fears, successes and why they chose to become transgender. All cast members in this web~series are the most beautiful braved group of individuals i've ever seen. Just by stepping forth and telling their compelling heart felt stories. I applaud them with great admiration and that their story will inspire other transgender individuals to come out and spread awareness that we are all the same no matter what! 

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