January 7, 2013

Everything Relationships, Advice & More From @BethBomb

So now that Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City) is now married and living her life with her BIG, she has left the door open for other strong positive women to write columns surrounding love, relationships, being single and as well as living life and the understanding of certain situations. Like Carrie Bradshaw, my big sis @BethBomb(Bethany) has been through many challenging situations in her life in which she decided to share her experiences with everyone in hopes to learn from mistakes we tend to make in life. 

BethBombSpeaks, is a blog to inspire hopefuls to figure out the WHYs and HOWs of life as well as giving advice and sharing stories with those who feel they need relationship guidance in life. Of course, Beth speaks for the ladies, some gentleman can get an inside scoop of how women think and feel in relationships or whether they are being single taking on the world. 

I think I can get most of the credit for Beth starting this blog primarily because I would always turn to Beth for advice based on my harsh situations i've dealt with and as always in return giving me the best advice a friend can give (open and honestly). BETH DOESN'T SUGAR COAT ANYTHING!!!

If this is something you'd be interesting in being attached too or a regularly BethBomb Community reader, I highly suggest you tag along to BethBombSpeaks to gain informative insight on the women you intend to become in relationships as well as being single. It is said, the best advice comes from those who you don't know !!! 

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