January 7, 2013

Follow My BFF Britany's Blog 'The [Not So] Girly Girl'

The [Not So] Girly Girl
I know i've posted this before, but words can't express how proud I am of my BFF Britany and her blog 'The [Not So] Girly Girl'. Clearly, I wish I was girl as much beauty and lifestyle tips I get just by reading the fascinating posts on her blog. Britany is growing up into the wonderful amazing woman she was born to be. She's even making me want to become a better me and change my everyday eating, workout, and beauty habits. I mean hey, a guy gotta have his grooming services down to a T too! 

If you haven't already, please go ahead and follow Britany's blog thats entirely for all those girly girls dabbing into the likes of makeup, hair products, beauty and skin care as well as fashion. I'm just so ecstatic because if you would have only knew and saw how much Britany was a tomboy then you would feel the same way as I feel now. Girls, Ladies and Woman please do yourself a HUGE favor and tag onto Britany's blog for some fun fun fun! 

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