January 7, 2013

Getting FIT With Angela Simmons

Angela Simmons ABS
The new year is here and that means getting all of our asses back in the gym to work off our holiday meals we've been salivating on since Thanksgiving. If there is anyone we can look up to for inspiration, it would be mogul Angela Simmons. This girl has one rock hard body as well as a strict diet which she follows being a vegetarian but here and here splurges on a good delicious meal or treat. Throughout it all, Angela shows us via Instagram photos she's def about that "GET IT RIGHT, GET IT TIGHT" life! 

I'd kill for Angela's abs right now, though it looks like her workouts are very intense. I guess there is never a day where we would see Angela not looking fit, toned and igniting her outfits with the hottest curved body. Angela does numerous of workouts such as Boxing, Planks, AB routines, Yoga and etc. to get her body to look as phenomenal as it should be. I mean this is especially for the ladies whom want to get their body back into shape, for guys looking to put in a slight workout, I guess Angela's workout can prone to you as well.  

I know this year i'll try to workout as often as Angela and get my body back into shape; for now let's use Angela Simmons as motivation to get our junks in the trunk bodacious and our abs looking rock hard! 

Check her workout pics after the jump...
Angela & Boxing Trainer

Angela ABS
Angela in the Gym
Ab Routine
Lunge Lift
Weight Lunge
Yoga Stretch 
Yoga Stance
Cury Body & ABS
Photos Courtesy Of Angela Simmons Via INSTAGRAM