January 28, 2013

GOT JESUS: Dinner At Jamina's!

Photo Courtesy of Instagram
Nothing's more fun than hanging with friends enjoying a nice meal. Last week, I had the honor of spending some time with one of my newest friends, Jamina West. I met Jamina very randomly at a bus stop in the town that I live and she introduced herself to me even adding she was new in town; moving from Georgia to New Jersey. Of course, I had to befriend this beautiful young woman and who would have thought we'd kick it off tremendously. 

I went to her house and made her cook din din for me (i'm such the ultimate fat person), with the limited options we had available at such short notice Jamina decided to make the most amazing and delicious Parmesan Chicken w/ mixed Wheat Noodles. With doing so the remainder of the night, I got to know Jamina much better on a personally level as well as experienced some of her many TALENTS! You all will be SHOCKED at what this girl can DO!

Check Out Some Of Our Pics From The Night!


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