January 16, 2013

Instagram of the Week: @Tsunami_Yami

Photo Courtesy of Tsunami_Yami's Instagram Profile

Words can't explain how beautiful, talented and funny my friend Yami is. Just last year she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and now she is blooming better than ever and to add her body is still slim and FAB! If you don't know Yami then you should know she is the true definition of ENTERTAINING, everything she says is amusing and will put a smile to your heart, she's not just funny but she's VERY SMART TOO!!! The girl has swag too, crazy SWAG! I love Yami's Instgram pics because she isn't just some regular person posting pictures just to post pictures, Yami actually takes remarkable and memorable photos that captivates every minute of her life, I'm so obsessed with her style though and the cute pictures of her beautifully spoiled adorable son Yahair. It's been long due since I've actually spoken to Yami heavy, but I hope to visit her soon before my spring semester gets hectic, maybe this weekend i'll visit her ;-)

I suggest you all should follow Yami on Instagram and just smile at the pictures she posts. Yami's an incredible friend and the moment you scroll through her photos you will automatically connect with her...on a different planet called Planet Pineapple! Stop what you're doing and hit that follow button!!! 

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