January 9, 2013

Is Mariah Carey Unfamiliar With Nicki Minaj's Occupation?

When MARIAH reads...SHE READS!!!!!
In the midst of all this Mariah Carey vs. Nicki Minaj hoopla since the TMZ video leaked of the two new American Idol judges going back and forth in what seemed to be a disagreement taken way out of control. A day after the incident ABC's best insider squirrel Barbara Walters sat down with Mariah Carey to get her word of what happened between Nicki Minaj and the 200 million records sold pop artist aka the 'Golden Voice' as Barbara Walters pens Mariah

Months later Barbara once again sat down with Mariah Carey, not only to discuss her relationship with Nicki Minaj, but to discuss her salary on American Idol (earning a whopping $18 million for a season), her upcoming new record "Bring It On Home" a song she's written for re-elect President Obama, husband Nick Cannon and their adorable twins and more. 

Left To Right: Mariah Carey, Monroe, Barbara Walters, (Uncle) Randy Jackson & Moroccan
But once Barbara Walters brought up Nicki Minaj's latest single "Hell Yeah" where in the song Nicki Minaj references her spot on American Idol and mentions BITCH, Barbara asks Mariah if she was the BITCH Nicki Minaj was (SINGING/RAPPING)referring to: 

"I'll take it, sign on the dotted line
But I'm quick to check a bitch if she outta line
Shout out Mike, Darnell, and Nigel
Why these bums so mad that the queen on idol

Mariah's Facial Expressions After Being Asked.

Mariah then READ Nicki Minaj to the GODS and BEYOND Hunny!
Watch The Interview After The Jump!

Oops! Looks like MiMi is unaware of Nicki Minaj's talents. Pretty sure soon or probably have by now, Nicki will remind Mariah of what she does for a living. I don't believe Mariah and Nicki made-up and moved on; they just put this feud aside for American Idol. Meanwhile, the 12th season of American Idol starts next week on FOX with a 2 night premiere Jan. 16th & 17th at 8/7c. I'll really can't wait till the live shows so I can glue my eyes and ears to the immense amount of shade that I hope will be thrown between Mariah and Nicki

Do you think Mariah's EXTRA BODYGUARDS will be on site during the live shows? Anyway check out these pics from the interview. 

Pictures (Screencaps) & Video Courtesy Of abcNEWS.com