January 7, 2013

Keeping Up With The SIMMONS?!

The Simmons Children: Left To Right (Diggy, Vanessa, JoJo, Miley, Angela & Russy)
Its been a while since we've seen our favorite African-American millionaire family on our television screens. The Simmons family was on top of MTV who captivated our hearts and souls when they first premiered their show Run's House back in 2005 with a total of six seasons sadly ending in 2009. Run's House featured member Rev Run of the pioneer Hip-Hop group RUN DMC along with his family in Saddle River, New Jersey as tv cameras gave us a look into their crazy, loving, funny and shocking lives as one of the countries richest families just trying to live a normal life. 

Though throughout the course of the Run's House season a successful spinoff blossomed between two elder sisters Vanessa and Angela Simmons Daddy's Little Girls, as they moved from New Jersey to Los Angeles to birth their sneaker/shoe line PASTRY. Who all can forget the crazy antics both sisters got themselves into? We shared laughters as well as tears growing up with the worlds most loved family as we related to them in almost every episode whether you were wealthy or not. 

I'm a bit quite sad the family isn't on our television screens anymore; but for those who have been wondering what's been up with the Simmons family, we can now thank Instagram for the updates. A lot has changed since we last saw the family in 2009. From browsing through Angela Simmons Instagram photos, i'll keep you up and my look BIG and BEAUTIFUL the kids have gotten!!! 

The Simmons: JoJo, Angela & Vanessa w/ their mother's side siblings. 
Continue after the jump to see what the Simmons are looking like now! 

Rev Run
Diggy & Russy
Justine Simmons
Justine & Miley
Diggy, Vanessa, JoJo, Miley, Angela & Russy
Russy, Angela, Miley & Diggy
Jojo, Angela & Vanessa's Mother, Sisters, & Step-Dad (Mom's side)

Pictures Courtesy Angela Simmons & Rev Run Via INSTAGRAM.
Rev Run
Angela Simmons