January 16, 2013

Let's Re-Evaluate Taylor Swift

Harry Styles & Taylor Swift, Photo Courtesy of US Weekly
*SIGH*, it was announced Taylor Swift and short time boy-FRIEND One Direction's Harry Styles have parted ways. Now according to Wendy Williams, she has stated throughout the course of Taylor Swift's career she has been with about 14 guys in three years! Don't believe me then take a look for yourself: 

TOLD YOU! Well, anyway if it is Taylor's 14th guy-FRIEND relationship in three years, then I think we need to intervene on Taylor Swift and stop this on and off Friend-Mance between these guys in the limelight. Like really Taylor, we love you for your breakup songs about guys, but honestly I think you're the one doing this to yourself. Do you love singing about bad boys breaking hearts or are you the one who's breaking hearts now? Hmm...Taylor I'm On You! 

Any who, I think its time for her fans and those expert in relationships to help Taylor strive for a LONG LASTING relationship. I know it's hard to date in the entertainment industry, but 14 guys in three years, break that down to about 3.5 each year in 12 months, I mean... I guess. Whatever the case is, here's what I think Taylor should do...
1. Go Lesbian (Let's Be Honest, 14 guys and not the right one?)
2. Change Your Options (Preferences) 
3. Stay Single & Enjoy Life 
4. Let Go & Let GOD 
5. ...Worst Case Scenario Become A NUN

These are evaluations I feel Taylor Swift should consider, I mean i'm not an expert in relationships and dating but these tips are a start right? What do you think she should do in order to gain a long lasting relationship?