January 16, 2013

Love & Hip Hop ... And I'm Here For ...

Jen's Mom, Jen the Pen, Consequence and son,Photo Courtesy of VH1
HELLO! Who isn't here for Jen the Pen and Consequences family and storyline?! After Monday nights episode as they introduced us to new characters those such as notorious blogger/radio personality Jen the Pen and long time rapper/ghostwriter in the game Consequence. Their on camera love you can tell is pretty much real, it's like their relationship balances off one another and they're receptive of one another's career. I hope the show actually focuses more on the two of them merely because HENCE the title of the show Love & Hip Hop; not Hip Hop and its hoes.

Jen the Pen & Consequence,Photo Courtesy of VH1
I wonder if Jen will ever get back into celebrity gossip blogging though that's such a tough job to take on. By researching her career, I must admit she is one entertaining celebrity blogger and very respected by those of her honesty and urban ways (she's a white hood girl; what's not to love?!) I'm all totally here for Jen the Pen and I hope she gets back to blogging, because I will be one of her frequent viewers. Check out Jen's notarized blog JenThePenBitches.

Jen the Pen,Photo Courtesy of VH1

Not only am I here for Jen and Consequence, but I'm also here for someone who is about to stir up some tension and drama in the music industry. This New Yorker introduced herself as rapper Fabolous's former assistant, someone who got around in the industry as well as knowing mistresses, groupies and wives; oh' and to mention she plans on writing a tell all book about her famous hookups with rappers and such, smh this girl must not remember how much trouble video vixen Superhead (Karrine Steffans) has gotten these rappers in to. Well, I'm also here for Winter Ramos, this sassy Latina had a lot to say on her debut on the show, when I say a lot oh' do I mean a lot! 

Winter Ramos,Photo Courtesy of VH1

I just want to get more into Winter's "TELL ALL" book and I have questions, Was she sleeping with Fab? Did Emily B find out? Was Emily B apart of the affair? and Who was packing and who was not? Don't judge me, because these are all questions you all want to know too! I can't wait for her storyline to unfold too, but I LOVE Winter for bringing on some promiscuous fun and honesty to the show. 

Raqi Thunda,Photo Courtesy of VH1

There seems to be a lot of Latinas on this New York season. I mean not to offend anyone, but most Latinas bring DRAMA. So apparently the buzz on the show is that former BFFs Raqi Thunda and Joe Budden allegedly fooled around (had sexual relations) but both deny those allegations and I believe it, the two of them have this brother sister chemistry to me. I'm def here for Raqi's storyline on trying to persuade Joe Budden's ex girlfriend Tahiry  who is an ex friend of Raqi that there was no hookup between the her and Joe Budden. Whew, that seemed like a lot to spit but there is one thing i'm not here for MS.RAQI THUNDA ... I'm not here for this:

Raqi Thunda,Photo Courtesy of VH1
Raqi, please spare us the crocodile tears and beef it up chile! You crying over Joe Budden is not going to make people believe the two of you didn't have relations with each other sexually. You were crying that you got man handled by Joe at his pool party but hey, what woman wouldn't want to get man handled by a tall light skin guy? (oh' sorry no sexual relations intended). I mean Raqi you came in like a tough cookie and we want you to remain that way, save the crying for the weak ducklings, you are not one of them. 

Joe Budden & Raqi Thunda,Photo Courtesy of VH1
The last cast member I'm DEF here for is someone who was on last season but most notable for getting fired on national television by a Kardashian. YUP! I'm talking about feisty Latina model/singer Erica Mena. Erica brought the drama last season when she fought Kimbella over some modeling money issues and who was bending over 101 ways for free. Whatever that drama was, it's over and done with. Erica is now dating Olivia's manager Rich Dollaz (who I have a HUGE CRUSH on) and wants to take her Reality TV personality to the booth...to SING. *Sigh* Erica.."WE'VE BEEN PLAYING THIS GAME FOR FAR TOO LONG" that's the first time America has heard you sing and I think we all just love you for your face, body and pop off at anytime status.

Erica Mena,Photo Courtesy of VH1
I love the Erica Mena that was on Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami, not the big rowdy chick who's always getting into fights with the other cast members on the show or publicly with her boyfriends and babyfather. Erica we're going to need you to tone that down and give us more of your high fashion modeling that you do. I'm still skeptic about the singing, but I'm willing to give you a chance, just don't name your debut single "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom" nor name your first album On The 6, I def won't take you serious girlfriend! The relationship between you and Rich Dollaz is such a sight to see for me, it gives me my soft porn of the day, I bet the sex is good between the both of you. Less arguing more love making between the two of you, i'd like to see you cater to him when he comes home from work one day, you know the way Erica Dixon massaged Scrappy's cute toes on Atlanta's season. Keep that storyline Miss Mena.

Erica Mena & Rich Dollaz,Photo Courtesy of VH1