January 21, 2013

My Open Letter To Dr. King "Thank You"

MLK Memorial via Google
I just want to say THANK YOU Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.! THANK YOU for a dream that you envisioned knowing it would come true, just didn't know when it would come true. It was your bravery and perseverance that I can stand hand in hand side by side people outside of my color and race and not be judged or harassed. I wasn't born during your time of the Civil Rights Movement, but growing up in school I learned the importance of your journey and fight non stop every year but it is deep within my heart I understand why you did what you did. I LOVE YOU. THANK YOU

I Know you're smiling down how everyone of different creed and color are now coming together as brothers and sisters, now fighting for security from earth's harms. It is because of you, I am proud to say I have an African-American President and it is also because of you I can now VOTE and continue my education secondary and beyond. I am more than grateful to have my middle name named after you. I LaTroy Martin Watson, adore the man you have become here on earth and in heaven. Your legacy and significance to history will and can never be forgotten. THANK YOU for fighting hard for my future and beyond.