January 11, 2013

New Music - Destiny's Child "Nuclear"

The world's best selling female group Destiny's Child is back after an eight year hiatus and they're releasing another album too. Though, it's not an album where they recorded new material, their new album is actually a compilation of their most favorable love songs on their new record titled Destiny's Child Love Songs

Just when you were about to get a heart attack and pee your pants, you can continue to do so in a minute once I tell you the trio added an unreleased never before heard song titled "Nuclear" produced by Pharrell Williams

Destiny's Child Love Songs Tacklist Will Include The Following: 

  1. "Cater 2 U" from 2004's Destiny Fulfilled
  2. "Killing Time" from 1998's Destiny's Child
  3. "Second Nature" from Destiny's Child
  4. "Heaven" from 2002' Simply Deep
  5. "Now That She’s Gone" from 1999's The Writing's On The Wall
  6. "Brown Eyes" from 2001's Survivor
  7. "If" from Destiny Fulfilled
  8. "Emotion" from Survivor
  9. "If You Leave" (featuring Next) from The Writing's On The Wall
  10. "T­Shirt" from Destiny Fulfilled
  11. "Temptation" from The Writing's On The Wall
  12. "Say My Name" (Timbaland remix) from 2002's This Is The Remix
  13. "Love" from Destiny Fulfilled
  14. "Nuclear" from 2013's Love Songs
    Just when news couldn't get any more exciting, it is said that during Beyonce's Superbowl Halftime performance, she will bring Kelly and Michelle to accompany her in revisiting some Destiny's Child hits as well as perform their new song "Nuclear". 2013 is starting off so good so far, I can't believe we've waited eight whole years for a reunion that will take place in front of millions all over the world. 
    Anywho, Listen To DC3's New Single "NUCLEAR" On Their Upcoming Album Destiny's Child Love Songs Out January 29th, But You Can Pre-Order Your Copy Now! 

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    Photo Courtesy of Beyonce
    "Nuclear" Courtesy of Da Word Soundcloud