January 8, 2013

New Music: Sevyn Streeter "I Like It" [Video]

I guess it's every man for themselves in the music industry nowadays. You may familiarize new solo artist Sevyn Streeter from the girl group RichGirl who countlessly many times tried their luck making it big in the industry but things didn't quite work out. RichGirl was a phenomenal RnB girl group who dominated radio waves and clubs with their hit single "He Ain't Wit Me Now (Tho)". Unfortunately, the America just wasn't ready for a girl group, so the group disbanded. 

Sevyn Streeter, whom you may have heard her vocals pended on a few of Chris Brown's songs most popular "She Ain't You", started being the protege of Chris Brown as he took her under his wing successfully leading to a solo record deal with Atlantic Records under Chris Brown's label CBE (Chris Brown Entertainment). "I Like It" happens to be the debut single from Sevyn Streeter

I love RichGirl as a group and didn't think each member would be successful as a solo artist, but Sevyn is proving that she will not fall in that category as a solo artist. In the video Sevyn's serving me Janet Jackson with Aaliyah tease; I'm loving her individuality and that voice holds a strong spot in the music industry. GOOD LUCK SEVYN! 

Watch Sevyn Streeter's video for her debut single "I Like It" after the jump as well as where you can purchase the single if YOU LIKE IT! 

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