January 10, 2013

Relationships: Have You Ever Been Used? (Oh I Have)

Picture Courtesy of PersonalValuesBeliefs
DISCLAIMER: There is more to this story, i'm giving you an abridged version. 

This past November, I met someone whom I thought had potential in being my significant other somewhere in the future. We met off of a dating website (which I refuse to promote, unless i'm getting paid) and our first encounter was about a week or two after conversing on the site. Immediately, once we met our personalities instantly became attracted to one another. From then on, I thought about living in the moment rather than rushing a relationship so soon; come to find out the other person was just about seeing how much he could get out of me. 

I must admit, I do wear my heart on my sleeve (I'm an Aquarius its in our nature to be the utmost caring person we can be) and it sometimes gets me into sticky situations where I get played. With the person I was now getting to know "TALKING", we discussed what each of us wanted for Christmas as gift exchanged from one another. I mentioned something less than thirty bucks and my friend mentioned something over two hundred dollars.

We then decided on a trip (DATE, if you'd call it) in December (2012) to New York City, I had some cash to spend at the time, but only towards food and transportation, I didn't think i'd be spending nearly four hundred dollars on this person, because there were materialistic items that caught the eye. I never once heard a thank you, or was showed any gratitude. Days later, I noticed the usual every day, every hour, every minute texting started to decline gradually, I then questioned "well, damn did I get used?".

As soon as I purchased what my "friend" wanted for Christmas (well I only could now afford one of the items), and then gave the gift away on Christmas...I received not a DAMN THING. I was then told, "oh' the stores were closed on Christmas so I'll get your gifts when they re-open". Days after Christmas still no gifts, or returns of my texts and calls. The time we would get to talk to each other would be via text message and I was now receiving dull one word replies or either one sentence. 

A day ago, I have confronted my "friend" discussing how badly I wanted our friendship to work out and feeling as if I got used. As always, I didn't receive any explanation as to why I was used or was dishonest to. I nicely ended things between us and who knows what the future has in store for our reconnection. I don't hold grudges but I never forget. 

The reason I got used is because I was too busy living in the moment of our early stages of getting to know each other, I didn't want to seem as if I was a cold-hearted person. Once again we both talked as if a relationship was going to happen down the line, but at the time just playing it cool day by day. It was a lesson learned and I really know the meaning behind the famously quote "LOVE DON'T COST A THING". 

I'm ask you, have you ever been used by someone (not just by money) but in other aspects by someone whom you thought you shared a special connection with? How long were you used for? When did you find out you were being used? When did you say enough was enough? Did you cut all ties with that person? Let me know. 

I'll Leave The Verdict Up To You, Whether I Received My Christmas Gifts Or Not?
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