January 11, 2013

Throwback Friday: Joe Budden "Pump It Up"

Joe Budden "Pump It Up" Video Still

With the new season of Love & Hip-Hop New York just premeiring this past Monday and rapper Joe Budden being the most talked about cast member on the show, I thought it would be best to go way back in the vault to the year 2003 and remind ourselves what made us interested in Joe Budden in the first place. 

People almost forgot about the Joe Budden single that put him on the forefront of the rap game, well put him on top of the rap game when he came out with "Pump It Up", an anthem that will forever be played at dance battles, rap battles, house parties, and anywhere you can let loose and get wild. That's what "Pump It Up" did for me back in the day and it's crazy because at the age of 10, I was rapping Joe's first single from beginning to end (smh, I had no idea what I was rapping, I just knew I was a pumped 10 yr old). 

Compared to now Joe Budden looks like totally different person, back in 2003 he looked like a fresh young guy trying to come up in the rap game. Flashback now the man on Love & Hip-Hop looks like he had a rough life and that's because he did fooling around with drugs (you'll hear that story on the next episode of Love & Hip-Hop). I've always been a fan of Joe Budden but a year or two after "Pump It Up", he kind of just disappeared out of nowhere. But now he's back and apart of a rap group called Slaughter House and an official cast member on everyones favorite ratchery show Love & Hip-Hop New York

Anywho, here's today's Throwback Friday and it's Joe Budden with "Pump It Up".