February 13, 2013

Fashion: Donna Degnan Collection

Designer Donna Degnan with dog LuLu
Hey everyone, just wanted to share with you guys an amazing designer I am now interning with in New York. I am not the PR (Public Relations) Intern at Donna Degnan. The name of her fashion line is Donna Degnan Collection which caters to woman. A short description of the Donna Degnan Collection states: 

"Donna Degnan Collection, which is manufactured in New York City (Save the Garment Center!) offers the modern woman beautifully designed fashion in quality fabrics for her ever changing lifestyle!"

I mean i'm not a woman and I want to wear pieces from her collection. I enjoy working as an intern so far, there's lots to learn of the fashion world as well as network and get well respected. Donna Degnan Collection can be seen around in over 800 stores world wide. Donna Degnan pieces also may have been seen in many of your favorite magazines, on your favorite TV anchors and much more. I call the collection MOD YET CHIC CLASSY. These are designs and outfits that makes you feel great, comfortable, stylish and even become your very own FIRST LADY in any age group. 

Just to tease you a bit, here are a few pieces from the collection. 
Wait Until You See The Fall 2013 Collection!!! (Which I Will Post As Soon As I Get The Pictures)

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