February 5, 2013

Hot97's Love & DRAMAVILLE?

Looks as though fellow Love & Hip-Hop NY castmate Joe Budden isn't too happy with all the promo interviews one of his castmates is doing. Joe Budden decided to crash Hot97's interview with cast members Consequence and Jen the Pen to discuss an issue that two rappers in the game would argue about ... "KEEP MY NAME OUT YOUR MOUTH"!. 

You would have thought this was an episode of Bad Girls Club, but there was no hair puling, back stabbing type of interaction, instead the two rappers decided to talk it out like grown gentleman. There seems to be some misunderstanding between the two and Joe decided to take matters into his own hands by confronting Consequence via Hot97 interviews. 

I don't even know what the talk was maybe those of you who know about rap feuds can fill me in. Poor Jen is just sitting staring at the surprising UN-SCRIPTED confrontation that just occurred. I wonder if Hot97 had something to do with this though. How did Joe Budden know Consequence and Jen were doing an interview with Hot97? Wait better yet, who told Joe the location?! Smh, whatever the drama is or was all we know is that we were left to "HAVE A GREAT DAY". 

Do You Think The Two Handle The Situation Well?