February 13, 2013

Instagram of the Week: @PuppiesForAll


I mean who doesn't love PUPPIES?! I remember being followed on Instagram one day by this puppies account and after going through their photos of the most precious beautiful PUPPIES, I gave an instant follow back immediately. Which is why i'm making @PuppiesForAll Instagram of the Week! I have two dogs in my household, two of which who aren't PUPPIES anymore. I own a female Shih-Tzu and my little brother owns a male Dachshund, they both get a long when they feel like it. 

But there's nothing like having a new born PUPPY around in your home. PUPPIES are the most loving, caring and playful pets to ever want, as they grow up they become everything to you like how we all need oxygen to survive, that's what PUPPIES can do to one person. If you're someone interested in looking to follow other Instagram accounts besides your family, friends and celebrities, I suggest you follow @PuppiesForAll, hey aren't dogs a family's best companion?! 

Who Knows Maybe You'll Find Your Future Puppy !!!