February 18, 2013

Married To Medicine [Reality Show]

Photo Courtesy of BRAVOtv.com
This Spring reality tv is taking us where we have never been before...well we have but there's no more Dr.90210. BRAVOtv is getting ready to welcome into our lives a reality show based on six women who are doctors and wives of doctors. Interesting right? Well the wives/doctors all live in Atlanta where we will watch them struggle as wives/doctors and friends as egos start to clash with each other. I mean what reality show isn't a show without some form of drama right? 

This should be interesting though, I can't wait to watch which of the ladies are successful doctors and which ones are housewives. I think I can tell by just their appearance, but i'm not one to judge so let's call it observing...take a look at the trailer below: 

Married To Medicine is set to premiere on BRAVO March 24th

Will You Be Medically Tuned In?