February 13, 2013

New Music: Tiffany Evans '143' Mixtape

Everyone's favorite childhood star is back but this time doing music HER way! YES! The incomparable voice Miss Tiffany Evans returns to the music scene after having her daughter just last year and this time she's giving us some feel good RnB music. Her newest mixtape which was released yesterday '143' is a collection of love songs to set the mode for this coming Valentine's Day (tomorrow). 

'143' sounds way different than any of Tiffany's previous works under a major recording label, I guess because she was over doing the kiddie pre-teenie bop music and wanted to make some feel good music for the LADIES. Tiffany's voice sounds much more richer than it did before, I guess it's true what they say after a woman has her first child, life completely changes for her in all aspects. After hearing the mixtape you can definitely hear Tiffany has grown up to a beautiful young woman. 

If you love the old original Destiny's Child music then you will definintely love this mixtape, '143' has that sounds mixed with some old school RnB flavor. Tiffany has refused to go with the pop-techno route and is sticking to what works for that God gifting lovely voice of hers. A fan favorite "If You Love Me" a powerful ballad Tiffany released last year that showcased her vocals to the extreme appears on this mixtape as well as my favorites "Lois Lane", "143(I Love You)", "U Got A Woman", "Do Better" and "I Ride 4 U".


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