February 8, 2013

Short Film: Angel and Demon

My First Major Short Film I've Been Asked To Be Apart Of!

The Movie Was Filmed By French Students And It Mostly Casts French Students. It's About A Shy, Clumsy, Young Man Who He  Hopes He Gets The Girl Of His Dreams, But Through The Help Of His Friends Angel (Good Guy) and Demon (Bad Guy) Advice Things Go From Bad To Worse. It's Up To The Guy To Choose Which Side He'll Listen To In Befriending The Popular Girl In His Class. 

So Who Does He Choose? You'll Just Have To Watch!

I enjoyed participating with my friends on their class short film project. Especially because my BFF Britany got to star in it with me. During filming there was so much going on I couldn't stop laughing. It took almost the whole day to shoot, the creators Alexandre, Vinz, Keidon and others did a fantastic job at putting it together into such an amazing short film. I can't wait to do more acting and i'm sorry about my POTTY MOUTH

Hey It's Acting Right?!